The Plague of Internet Trolls

The internet has architected a global hamlet through social media platforms. We are right on the pinnacle of digitalization and what a time to be alive! The world is at our fingertips, an infinite kaleidoscope of information, intertwined in a cyberspace of different social structures and communities. One-click and we are in a virtual world, a network of users inadvertently evolved into a single cyber community. In every social structure there is the bottom rot fungus and in this case internet trolls.

Internet trolls are users characterized by habitual skepticism and a general urge to put people down. They lurk on our social medial timelines and newsfeed to police people’s opinions as a leeway to crush the spirits of many. A bunch of golliwogs that feed on negativism and the misery of others. Soul sucking gremlins that come through a vortex of bitterness and self loath. In simple words, internet bullies. In a world where social media validation is prime, social media has become the playground for trolls as users fall easily in their lairs in a bid to be validated. They have become a pernicious and malign influence that is hard to get rid of. They come in myriads and I strongly believe we are on the brink of the zombie apocalypse. They are so many of them it is quite unsettling.

What’s the deal with internet trolls? I recently had an encounter with them over a tweet that I posted. A bunch of users could not cope with my opinion and they resorted to hurling insults. It escalated to the point that various users veered off the original tweet and went on to make personal attacks. I fell right for the bait by firing back shots. I wasn’t having it! I spent almost the whole day back and forth with these scums until I sat back to re-evaluate myself. Why the hell was I indulging trolls? That’s what they live for, it is their driving power, they revel in senseless conflict, they love it and I was giving it to them. Served inbox with a bow. They came in their hundreds, I was pretty shocked at the numbers, the retweets, the likes and subliminally influenced tweets. I played myself, so I muted notifications of the tweet and simply logged off. That is the beauty of the internet, you can simply log off and normal life resumes.

How do you deal with trolls? Rule number one, never indulge them. Most of them have a very strong following that supports their raucous behavior. Ignore, block and mute. Don’t respond to rude internet strangers. These people come from a sad miserable background, bitterness and low self-esteem. They are broken people who seek solace by spreading their own misery to others. They can not stand happy people because it reminds them of what they can not be. They suffer from deep psychological damage. How do I know all this? Because yours truly was a troll once upon a time. Yes, a soul-sucking gremlin. I was in a really dark place and going through the worst. I was coping with grief, loss, and depression. I enjoyed trolling people, insults, toxic exchanges and I felt formidable. It was a false sense of power that is addictive, this is why trolls are so consistent and resilient. I am glad that I came out of it and I apologize to every person that I trolled.

Can we have an internet troll-free generation? Probably not, but we can reduce the numbers and the power they hold over social media. Online validation does not mean anything if it is a threat to your peace and well being. Relevance is becoming a disease and seeking for it enables trolls. So many people side with trolls because they want to be relevant this is why its a plague. It is spreading faster than an STD and the only people who can stop this are us. If we can unanimously ignore and not feed trolls with attention we can successfully disable them. They can not continue to be wrecking balls. Ignore the troll, the technique of silence forces a person to re-evaluate themselves and preserves your dignity! Report malicious accounts and banter with a stranger is trolling. Enjoy banter with people you know and are familiar with. You don’t know what a person is going through, let us make the internet a friendly place.

On a totally different note, if you haven’t noticed already, at long last Makaitah Rogue has left the nest and evolved to the final form. She finally has her own domain! Welcome to A lingual enchantress emboldened with powers that emanate from word sorcery. This is the portal to my mind, an abyss of linguistic latitude. I have become my own, an independent entity. In the ever-evolving digital world it is imperative to own your content. What if a digital rapture falls upon us and WordPress crashes? What else commands respect and shows commitment than having your own domain? After all, anything to increase optimization and upgrading as much as possible. Here we are.

I hope you enjoyed your Easter holidays and my easter blog The Passion of Christ. Angels Vs Demons.. Check you out tomorrow on #PoetryTuesdays. Stay tuned!

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