The Ghost of Valentine

I could make his lithe silhouette, moving across the willowy meadowland. The grass sashayed under the gentle wind and pollen grains floated in the air, anticipating the rendezvous with a female ovule. The radiance of his countenance held me in a warm embrace. Like two peas in a pod, we latched on to the shell of love that held us together. I soaked in this beautiful woolgather of mental images and emotions. Dare to wake me up.
I felt his soft lips linger on mine, the tuft of hair on the rim of his chin brushed lightly on my cheek. His musk engulfed me and I felt my soul smile, a glow tearing from inside with an overhaul rejuvenation of my body. I fluttered my eyes open knowing this was the only inception of subsequent events rolled up in 24hours. To the brim, my heart flowed with emotional arousal. His eyes were sockets of ambivalent emotions and passion being the predominant variable. He let his lips caress mine once again, nothing else in this world mattered as I felt his hardness on my thigh, I grabbed it and felt it move in my hand with pythonic girth. Adam knew Eve, I knew Valentine. The man who quenched the blaze in my loins. Our love was as fluent as the liquid grace of a ballerina. Pure and free from discordant qualities. Our hearts were shackled together, hinged on lust and embalmed with an irrational but irresistible motive for eternal love.
I met this adonis in my final semester of college and the first time I laid my eyes on him, I knew that I was his Aphrodite. We locked eyes across the Beit hall that was packed with restless students and his furrowed face lit by a warming smile. I could feel my heart doing somersaults to use but a sober word. My knees literally buckled, standing there in a stupendous state of annoyance at why I could not hold it together. I saw him weaving his way through the crowd towards my direction and I stood rooted in an unquiet mind. I could make a break for it and rush to the bathrooms but a strong intuition told me that my world leaned on the axis of this tall hominidae with a sly boyish smile. It is on that day that he said hello, that unraveled a Ferris wheel of a beautiful love story. The ideology of love, at first sight, was illogical to me to say the very least. How stupid is it for such a deeply human emotion to be so prompt and unreasonable? How can you love someone you hardly know? But the aerodynamics of the soul is a myth as two souls gravitate towards each other without a solid explanation. That day I threw caution to the wind and let my astute antenna take control.

It was a mysterious affinity that catapulted faster than the stone that hit Goliath on the forehead. We tangled ourselves in web intricately woven by love and it was certain that I had found my soul mate. Valentine edified my soul with a love that only demons and angels have witnessed. An optimal surge of endorphins that coursed through my mortal body and a heart budding with an emotion so strong it only beat for that reason. Our world was an oasis, sanctified and consecrated by our deep affections. A sanctuary so pure, it was a haven only him and I could tread on. That morning he made love to me but I still longed for him. As he rogered my lady bits I could feel a crater in my heart, a void so huge I felt a wave of loneliness wash over me. We exploded together in ecstasy and I clung on to him, making an oath to never let go. He gazed at me his eyes a pool of sadness. Why was there a dark cloud hanging over something so beautiful? I could not put my finger on it but I knew something was dearly amiss, perfect but askew.

I fell asleep in his arms and I had that reoccurring dream, standing on the outskirts of a willowy meadowland, I watched my sweet Valentine walk among petunias towards me. The space between us kept getting bigger despite his quick long strides. Bewildered, I try to run to him and but paralysis begins to creep up my legs to the rest of my body. I try to call out to him but my voice is caught in my throat. To my bafflement, he keeps his head down as if avoiding to face me. Please, Valentine, look up. Let me see your face, let the unspoken words of our affections telepath through our gaze. A soft nudge awakens me from this nightmarish abstract from reality. I look at the man sleeping next to me, the man I call my husband but his name is not Valentine. He looks worriedly at me, and I force a smile to mask the moisture in my eyes. He knew, knew my heart still belonged to a grave. It hurt me that it hurt him.
10 years since Valentine passed away in that tragic car accident on his way to pick me up for a date on Valentine’s day. On his corpse, they found a tiny box with an engagement ring. He was going to propose that night. Not a day goes by without thinking of him, sometimes I unconsciously toy with the ring that I wear around my neck and reminisce on the days that we shared. Every year I wait for the 14th of February because that is when he visits me, we make sweet love and I fall asleep in his arms. Until next Valentines’, I will patiently wait for your ghost to haunt me in the most intimate and special way.
I will always love you, Valentine. Even death can’t do us apart. Always and forever.

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  1. Maka your writting still is totally impeccable.Im in love with this piece,it got me glued to to the screen of my mobile phone without even skipping a single work or phrase.What a legendary work!

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