A Salutation to Oliver Mtukudzi

A great circle of the celestial sphere cut through the heart of our country. The pained wails of a grief-stricken people echoed throughout the nation. A hooded skeleton gripping a scythe hovered over us. Its cold breath a pervasive aroma of death. The allusive detriment of deprivation

Dancing to the blues emanating from the strumming fingers. A refined musical assonance of lyrical perfection. Jazz mimicking the customs, arts, social institutions, and achievements of our people, creating a melody that provoked our feet to stomp in rhythm and beaded eyebrows glisten. In articulate harmonic tones that birthed a global movement of fanaticism.

The vocals and musical instruments produced beauty of form. Harmony and expression that evoked the rich emotions of sentimental longing. A beautiful composition with the exact pitch that unearthed wistful affections buried in intricate blueprints of our spirits. A melody provoked by a talented plectrum. Plucking away at the guitar steadily sucking our souls in a spell.

His hoarse voice that emanated from the larynx made a sound that will never be forgotten. He bore his soul to the world with no inhibitions. Exuding an air of raw and vibrant charisma. Music that enchanted and inspired devotion in others. The backing vocalists soprano teleports you to a serene place between mountains and rolling hills.

Music that woke the ancestry of the land and a frenzied people noded under the spell. The mixture of jazz and blues a sorcery that captivated our minds. A feeling for phrase and idiom, a sturdy characteristic mode of music expressionism. When you walk behind the veil in a purgatory land with a guitar hanging on your back, we bawl our eyes out. But you stop to look back with a satisfied smile because you know you gave us a gift that will live forever. Your music will live on even when you are gone.

But someone familiar that you have been longing to see for close to 20 years reaches their hand to you. A little boy that you loved for as long as you can remember. He is still the same and hasn’t aged a day, you grab his hand and walk together to another world where you shall be greater. A world filled with peace, love, and laughter. It is the light that shines on. Rest In Peace Oliver.

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