A Chapter That Never Made It

Beginning of this year, someone approached me to ghost write for them about politics and Christianity. I thought this was an exciting and broad topic. I had a certain tone and direction to go with, in my head I was already tripping on words, philosophies, theories and ideologies. I mean this was going to be some deep intellectualism. So I wrote part of chapter one. On to showing the person I was writing for, a piece of chapter one, he was not exactly impressed. Man I had put my back into this, I was on to something, my mind was itching I was going 6k words per day. Unfortunately he didn’t like my style, he said it was too complicated, he was looking for a simpler approach. If you ask me, I thought this was gold! That was some writing on steroids. I didn’t get to write the book because I simply could not take it down a notch. Maybe ghost writing is not for me because my mind can not be tamed.I thought I should share this piece with you. It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, it is for a certain targeted audience. So here were go!

CHAPTER ONE (excerpt)
The ancestry of politics kindled from the the loins of man and woman. A functional blue print, architectured by a species that was procreated by the mischief of copulation. The personal patriarchal submission dogma between man and woman contributed to the formation of a constitution. A government. The hierarchy that began from the man descending to the woman to the children is what formed the cell unit of political anatomy. Parents, a government successfully politicized the children’s curricula by persuading them of a truth considered radical. Failure of persuasion led to Vulcan principles of control, tyranny. Punishment and force by virtues of authority/power. While you might debate by magnifying the love criteria as the S.I unit for the drive force of procreation. It is indeed a viable dispute which supports that procreation is apolitical. As well as love is the fuel for procreation, it is also a biological need, subsequently to maintain demographic structures. Procreation is Platonism for politics.
On a biblical principle, it boils down to the genesis of the world. Creation. It begins with Adam, the first procreator. The discipline between man and God was democratic and egalitarian, relating to the principle of equality. Which is the fairest approach of politics, unfortunately it was dismantled by the corrupt insidious allurement of Satan. Indicating the origin of corruption. Introducing a totalitarian regime, which was a dictatorial system that required complete subservience to a higher power. Early political activities were revealed in the first book of the bible also perpetrated by patriarchs such as Abraham,Isaac,Jacob and Joseph. In their different narratives we become aware of central governing.
The monarchical of Judah and Israel were mostly notorious in the old testament of the bible. The Bible stands as the bastion of ancient political structures that influenced today’s political philosophies way before Plato and Aristotle. For four centuries the Hebrews were led by prophets and judges. The Deuteronomy being a constitutional document that regulated future monarchs and policies in biblical history. The judges finally demanded a king, and from Samuel he introduced the monarchy system as Saul and David minutely succeeded each other as the first Kings. Although it was unsuccessful in Israel, it’s origins preceded as far as the papacy rose to power and played a great role in steering monarchs in Europe.
Journalist Joan Veon states that the Pope and the British Queen are the most powerful monarchs in the
“The Papal See is considered by the world’s oldest authority on royalty, the Almanach de Gotha, to be the oldest monarchy in the world. Therefore, that makes the pope a king, with the cardinals of the church considered to be equal to the sons of kings, the head of a world religion, and the ruler of a recognized country, the Vatican. The queen comes from the world’s second oldest monarchy, is the head of the Anglican Church, and is the ruler of Britain, as her title shows that the army, navy, and air force of the United Kingdom report to her. They are literally “Her Majesty’s Army,” “Her Majesty’s Navy,” and “Her Majesty’s Air Force.”
The papacy has been widely intertwined with politics from the apostles to the Roman Empire, throughout the medieval era, to date. The reformed and new birth Christan appears to be apolitical as they base their skepticism on the good news. The gospel manifested in positivism and regulated euphoria has no room for political affluence. It’s prudent nature, perpetrates on an aloof approach on politics and remain steadfast in as far as praying for leaders and governments. We resonate with a trick question, ” Which came first? The egg or the chicken?” In correspondence and partial similarly, an inflected question rises. Which came first? Politics or Christianity? I would like to believe the latter comes up to par, reckoned by a dilemma that stemmed from biblical truth, non scientific innuendos that suffocate the very existence of a higher power. The very creator that orchestrated the solar system and the blue spheroid that orbits around the sun. It all comes down to a vital question that can dismantle everything you have known. Are you a believer or not? If not, an ingrained more ineptly theory that comes from Greek civilisation advocates a relative understanding. Back paddling to the same question. Which came first, Christianity or politics? Plato or Aristotle would have shrugged and pointed a rather bony finger at a gold statue of Zeus. Without speculative jibes and ridicule inadvertently, a world without politics or government to regulate humanity would be a hive of chaos. After all, a structure is godly and a people led by an orderly system are rolled up in the glory of a divine nature.
Without causing harm to intellectual conversations and scholarly scrutiny. Politics came from a family that went rogue after the sweet whispers of a serpent? The Greeks coherently invented modern politics. Socrates created the philosophy of citizenship, Plato redefined it. Although it reeks of paganism affirmative aura, does the origins of politics determine the the polarity of humanity whether good or evil? Is this foundation vital to Christianity and it’s ethics? Myriads of questions to ponder on but one answer gives us a panorama view. Each of these variables coexist and depend on each other, for Christianity to thrive it has to acclimatise to a political environment. Contrary politics is driven by an “unknown” force which divinity can easily harness. It’s the faith that drives the ship of political voyage. In truth, what the fickle human mind can master is what empowers it. Politics is a bus, and Christians are the drivers. Once again. We do not deter to unfounded vagueness but we lean forward to realistic algorithms. It’s up to you to choose from this buffet of possibilities. From the voice of the creator, everything was created. Has it ever occurred to you, that maybe your thoughts are not even yours. We all in a grand plan to fulfill destinies set for us through worldly structures that ensure we do not waver. Human beings were made to think they came up with all these theorems and facilities when in actual fact, they are enabled for a greater scheme beyond their comprehension. To say ignorance is bliss is an understatement. If the egg came first, who laid it?

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