Are Men Really Trash?: The Re-Up

Let us assume, truth is a man. This is a weird analogy but this dogma can lead to some interesting discoveries. Stay with me. Truth, that which is true in accordance with fact or reality. I must admit that its laughable paralleling men with a quality of being true considering they are familiar with breaking it. What does this mean? I am talking about the “men are trash” stigma. It is a philosophy based on an algorithm that truth (men), exploit their roles as the common denominator, trust, pillars, protector, while, carrying the velocity of women raped, kidnapped ,murdered, assaulted,  harrased and oppressed/second across the planet. Consequently, optimizing a variable that indicates that the very existence of men is a danger and threat to the lives of women. Let’s put this theory into play, yes the truth emphasizes the veracity of human integrity and lack thereof. Ultimately it can be hurtful in its fecundity of wholesomeness. Contrary to the fact that it is a labyrinth of purism, beauty and a beacon of trust. You are probably confused and wondering where I am going with this.
If you can remember from my blog, Are Men Really Trash? I must apologize for the confidence of my sober logic and and naive ignorance. Such a display of half knowledge philistinism so intricately put. But you know this life thing, we unlearn to learn. The re-up is MEN ARE ACTUALLY TRASH AND THE FILTH BENEATH THE SCUM. See, I gave birth to a daughter and I am scared shitless. I am scared that a trusted male relative might visit and rape her. I am scared that some Nigerian syndicate on the loose might kidnap her, to human traffic her for sexual slavery or commercial sexual exploitation. I am afraid she might be murdered by a psychotic serial killer with fetishism for raping corpses.
I don’t want her to be sexually harassed or excluded because of gender. It all boils down to the truth. Men. I was reading this article “Dated him for 6 years, had 7
abortions, paid his fees.. Next
week, he’s marrying my Best-
 Heck no, I don’t wish this for anyone’s daughter! How much more suffering can we take at the hands of men?it all boils down to the truth. Men. Their very existence is the root of all this evil towards women. I never had these fears when I had my son, but the coming of my daughter came with an epiphany. Men are trash and the whole not all men are trash, mantra is absolutely unintelligent and a bit obtuse if you ask me. Yes, we have brothers, fathers and great male figures around us, but they are scared for us because they are aware of the evil that comes with their kind. I wrote this blog  10 Things You Need To Teach Your Children At An Early Age , because you know what, it’s the closest men to us that are likely to harm us and our children. I mean being a woman on this planet is an extreme sport, the risk of being kidnapped, raped, murdered the moment we step out is high. For us, simple dating can end up, as murder or rape. Everytime I look at my daughter, I am thinking home schooling, locking her up in the house forever and keep her safe from the atrocities perpetrated by men.
The truth cannot lie, it can pose an artistic or literary representation characterized by accuracy or realism true to life. For example, statistics, in every 5 women, one was once rapped, one might be murdered and all of them have faced some sort of abuse, exclusion and oppression from the opposite sex. Bottom line, men are trash. So, in respect of the truth which in classical logic has one possible value, the truth in itself squanders deceit or any opposing theorems because it is the, TRUTH. Like I said, its in accordance to facts and reality. So, if men are truth and consequentially trash, there is no other truth that obliterate a proven fact. My father would not allow male visitors to sleep over or show up at home in his absence. He knew. He knew for the sake of us, his daughters that his kind is trash.
I know what some of you are thinking. Same paint brush bla bla bla. Look here, I have a son, a husband, father and brothers. Who are pretty awesome by the way. Perpendicular to that we have millions of women across the world who have been murdered, traded for sex, kidnapped and raped by men! See the math? I thought as much. If men did not exist, the world will be a peaceful, safe place and the women folk will not have to look over their shoulders every damn time! Astonishingly rate of truthful acting is what attributes to the proposition that men are indeed scums of earth. They are a danger to themselves, to children,women and even animals. I used this analogy because truth is indisputable opposed to deceit, which it’s treachery can be exposed by truth. Hence, men being trash is not up for debate.
I didn’t think this metaphor could work out but I think I did a great job, right? A lot of Zimbabwean women don’t have nice things to say about our men according to this survey I did sometime last year What Zimbabwean Women Think About Zimbabwean Men. We need to raise our sons to be better men. Maybe the next generation has a standing chance. But seriously men, stop killing us, stop raping us. Do better!

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  1. I am in par with you. It is all up to us to make the right ways of life, no more of this abominations of old worst emotional and traditional shit society of the world.

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