The Light of the Universe

The storm is over now! Walking down the R. Kelly boulevard of She is finally here, baby Zuva Riley Mangwende. What a journey, from The Chronicles of A Pregnant Man, The Shape of Things to Come, Pregnancy Woes, Princess Zuva, The 9th Month, to The Wait Continues and after thee longest 9 months my beautiful princess is here. I can’t stop gazing at her she is absolutely gorgeous!
So, after being slightly overdue, we set up a date with my doctor for induction. Mainly because of gestational diabetes, if she stayed longer in the womb, she could have been overweight which meant birth complications and a possible cesarean section. Two days later I sashayed in the hospital (okay, more like waddled like an obese duck) and admitted myself. I was ready to pop this baby, I mean this pregnancy had taken a toll on me, with backaches, nausea, toilet trips, insomnia, cravings, mood swings, and the works. Mentally I was ready, as I slipped into my nightgown that evening, I anticipated the fact that the following morning I would be holding my baby. (So I thought).
12/10/17 – Induction Day 1
Thursday evening in the maternity ward, I chewed on my lower lip nervously while the nurse pushed me in a wheelchair to the prenatal rooms. Earlier, they served mashed potatoes with beef and veg for supper. I hardly touched the food albeit knowing I needed all the strength that I could get for labor. All the mental stamina that I had equipped myself with flew out of the window the moment we passed by the labor wards. The cacophony of gnashing and gnawing of teeth crushed my faux confidence. The sound of women wailing and screaming in labor pains really rattled me. I am sure through all that disharmony my heartbeat was the loudest. By the time we arrived at the prenatal rooms I was panic-stricken and thinking of ways to break out of the hospital. I would obviously ditch my bag and simply walk out then talk my doctor into a cesarean section. My mind was a whirlwind of wild thoughts. Just then, hubby walked in, one look at me he knew I was scared. It was his presence and consolatory charm that resuscitated my bravery. 9pm my doctor arrived and explained the entire induction process. I was to take 5mls dosage of Cytotec every 3 hours. After monitoring the fetal heartbeat for an hour, I took my first dosage at 10pm.
13/10/17 – Induction Day 2
I hardly slept, the induction juice kept coming consistently every three hours. 7am Friday morning shortly after my 4th dose, I felt nothing except the kicking baby. No contractions. This was confusing retro the doctor’s words that by Friday morning I would be holding my baby. Hubby had gone home to rest when my doctor came in explaining that I had to be patient and wait. The word ‘wait’, was the last thing an overdue pregnant hormone-driven woman, needed to hear. So, I spent the day walking down hospital corridors, downing induction juice and surfing through TV channels. I was extremely bored, at this time I had switched off my phone. This genius ( yours truly) had announced on snapChat that she was going for induction so my phone was blowing. 10pm on Friday evening, I took my last dose of induction juice. Midnight, still no contractions. This bionic uterine being was not too eager about coming out.
14/10/17 – Induction Day 3
Saturday morning I was all kinds of frustrated. I was toying around with the idea of a cesarean section. For Pete’s sake cut me up and take her out! 9am my doctor is telling me of a different induction method. Oxytocin by drip. I know all about the evil oxytocin drip. It induces the worst kind of labor in the history of giving birth. I am pretty certain its the Devil’s urine. The contractions are recorded as the strongest most painful and unbearable by all mothers. My induction was to start at 10am so I had time to google about oxytocin and those who had a great experience with it, were on epidural. 10am I was wheeled to the delivery room, I asked my doctor about the pain and he said he had pain killers all set up. I gave him the stank eye, I would not put my money on it unless if it was epidural. So I held on to hubby’s hand while they put in the drip. A cardiotocography was tied to my belly to monitor the baby’s heartbeat in case of fetal distress during labor.
The Birth
So doc comes holding these iron clangs, he explains that he has to rupture my waters. ( Go hug your mama, she went through the valley of shadow and death for you) So he inserts these iron clangs and next thing a warm rush of water. The moment the oxytocin entered the bloodstream, instantaneously the first contraction began. They came strong, toppling each other, at first I was shocked then I was howling trying to get up. The nurse pinned me down, they needed to hear the baby’s heartbeat from the CTG. I could hear the doc asking me to breathe from the mouth. I looked at him incredulously, brother I needed this mouth to howl my ancestors awake. The pain and strength of each contraction was beyond my pain threshold. My life flashed before me. I think hubby tried to hold my hand but I snatched it from him. I held on to the iron sidebars and tried to yank them off the bed. The pain was blinding, insane, beyond human comprehension. I felt the baby crowning which was crazy because this was 10 minutes into labor. Naturally, I started pushing. I bet the doctor was shocked but he kept his composure. I pushed as hard as I could but she was not moving! She was wedged at the entrance. I watched the nurse hand the doctor suction cups and an alien shaped baby flashed in my mind. Oh hell no, not my baby! I grabbed the bedside iron bars and pushed with everything I had. Out she came, 30 minutes after labor began. Labour is crazy because the moment the baby comes out, its as if you were imagining all that pain. Relief washes over your body and sanity is immediately restored.
Zuva Riley
Oh my, 4.1 kg and not even a tear. Big beautiful baby with a head full of hair. Zuva which is Shona for ‘sun’, the light of the universe, breaker of darkness, as beautiful as dawn and breathtaking as the sunset. A wonderful addition, the family has burgeoned.

Absolutely precious, I can not believe she is mine! To all my readers and fellow bloggers who followed my journey to the birth of my daughter, thank you for your support and uplifting comments. The 9 months were worth it, everything was worth it. She is six weeks now and doing amazing!

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  1. Congratulations for the Beautiful baby daughter. “Zuva” what a name! Coincidentally she came when I was also in Intensive care in the hospital due to a stroke. I give thanks to the Most High and join you in celebrating “The Sun”

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