Heal The World: Child Prostitutes

I hate rants, I really do but at this moment I am seething with anger. My lower lip is quivering, I am telling you froth is forming at the corner of my lips. I am almost bursting with this intense unexpressed anger. It started with this tweet. Image below.

Wait what? 9-year-olds selling sex? Children selling sex? 4th graders selling sex? What in the name of rape and pedophilia is this?!! Disgusted, appalled and outraged! In addition, I received an audio of a radio interview of the nine-year-old sex workers. Damn near threw my phone at the wall.
First of all, how broken is this society that eclipses as grown men pay kids for raping them? The same society that is silent when a ten-year-old bride is raped every day. A society that is so damaged, poverty-stricken it has lost its humane responsibility for children. All these atrocities occur around people who choose to obscure these realities and pretend as if it is not happening. In the interview, one of the little girls is taking care of her 5-year-old younger sibling. They are renting a one-room near a night club. My question is, who is the landlord? What about the neighbors? Who is allowing these children into the night club? Listen, children are our responsibility, you don’t have to be a parent or be related to them. Every child is our child. These children are exposed to HIV, STIs, UTIs, risk of getting pregnant, vaginal inflammation to name a few. I can not even account for the mental trauma. According to the interview, there are scums threatening to kill them with knives or strangulation. Even death is 50% imminent per night!
What is even more disturbing are the predators that prey on these children. Rapists on the prowl, sexual deviants with fetishism of pedophilia. They rape these little girls and pay them from 25c to $1.50 Some of these cavemen just rape and go. Where is the antenna for individual morality? The scholasticism dogma of human nature? The common rationale and autonomous self that conditions our species? I have failed to wrap my mind around an erection intended for a nine-year-old. The ejaculation of the wicked. How do you sleep at night? Sickening, repulsive heartless barbarians, all rolled up in a filthy swine! I don’t know much about the law, but a death penalty is more befitting of these nincompoops.
Now in the interview, they ask these girls if they are sometimes raped? They even use the word “consent.” Hold up, hold the hell up! Sexual consent is extraneous and inapplicable garbage to children! Statutory rape is the term. Non-consensual/ consensual sex with a minor is rape. The fact that children are out at night selling sex are clanging alarm bells of rape! My heart broke when the little girl divulged on activities of drug abuse. How dire can this situation get? Listening to this horrid interview almost triggered early labor for me. Then the million-dollar question was asked. WHAT CAN BE DONE? The poor noncommitted response is a travesty of justice. The response was to inform these children of the health dangers that are associated with prostitution. This is almost laughable while heart-wrenching. Such an absurdly lenient sentence left a really bad taste in my mouth.
That is all. That’s it? How about an ambush strategy to catch these rapists? Where is social welfare to remove these children from this predicament? These children need to be taken from the streets to school! I did not hear anything about a call for help from well-wishers. Or a social media campaign to source for funds that can get these children from the streets. Also, catch these men and use them as an example to the rest of the rapists. We want justice. It may not be enough but these little girls deserve a life, education, childhood, and love! We need to do something. I am so disturbed I can not even eat. This is just horrible.
The safety of children is of paramount importance. It is our responsibility to ensure their safety. I am willing to help, with clothes, money (it may not be much) but if we can all rally behind this cause, we can collectively take them from the streets. Who is with me? A better tomorrow, a better world, starts with the children.

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  1. I think that the safety and welfare of children is the prime responsibility for a society. This is horrible news and needs the outrage of a nation to punish those who place these innocents in such a evil place.

    1. True. Honestly something needs to be done immediately, these atrocities can’t continue. The nation needs to arise and these rapist need a brutal ruthless punishment!

  2. Why the eff are we, as a society, interviewing babies on sexual assault? Why aren’t the rapists being interviewed, interrogated and then ostracized from the community?

  3. Thank you for posting this. You’re right by asking what can be done and writing this post to keep bringing this issue into the light is one of those ways. People need to know that when they see these statistics that they are not numbers, but little children. Even one child is too many and it’s scary how human trafficking is on the rise. I don’t understand it at all. Keep getting the word out. There needs to be more done to stop these, bring justice to those who are doing these horrible things, and more safe houses for the children to go to for help. These children need more people to speak up for them. Thank you.

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