Why Are Women Mean to Each Other?

I once read a tweet that said, “If women ruled the world, there will be no wars. Just a bunch of jealous countries not talking to each other.” Although we might appreciate the good humor, I was amused by the underlying literary miscellany, ridiculing the vices and flaws of women. Why are the majority of women so vindictive and petty? Is it possible to co-exist amicably without the gossipy, spiteful and rancorous behavior? Maybe. If we can dig for the fundamental truth pertaining these common traits we might just conquer the world as a species.
I once worked in an open office area where I witnessed the most horrific kind of ostracism by women. We had a new department receptionist, young and attractive. All the ladies unanimously did not like her. As an observer from the terraces I realized that we are unable to elaborate our differences and accept each other. Her perfect flawless demeanor triggered the insecurities of these women. She oozed a certain kind of confidence and sexual orientation which I personally found to be explicably impressive. All the while the rest of the ladies felt intimidated and seethed with jealousy. If we can embrace, love and believe in ourselves, nothing can trigger emotions of inferiority that harbor jealousness. This form of coping mechanism is cancerous because it eats you from the inside and slowly grows into bitterness. Bitterness is breeding grounds for vengefulness and back biting. Hence when this new receptionist left her desk for five minutes, the ladies rummaged her desk to look for anything to discredit her. For not being the same she was targeted. She was a mirror that magnified our own fears, scars and hurt. The husband that ran away with a younger woman, after birth belly that won’t go away, aging coming at you faster than you anticipated. We tend to protect ourselves by becoming the aggressor and talk someone down to make ourselves feel better. So, then comes this question, should we dumb down to fit in? By mimicking the nasty behavior, we blend in perfectly. I am sure among these ladies some did not condone to all of this but fear of exclusion and a sense of belonging drove them onwards. But is it worth losing yourself as a perpetrator of something so insidious? Should survival translate to being a whistle blower? It was unfair for this new girl to suffer for not guessing the unspoken protocols. Eat from the canteen like the rest of us, your dressing is scandalous, you are too beautiful. Imagine a world where we could accept each other the way we are. Collectively we could run this world.
Confidence is what makes a woman. Low self-esteem is the main reason why most ladies don’t mind being the woman a man cheats with. They feel empowered and superior to the woman being cheated on. Low self-esteem is the root of jealousy and two faced manipulative behavior. Confidence is the solution, it equals to boldness, sexiness and eradicates all this drama that seemingly resonates around women. Let’s arise from past betrayal, hurt, fear and fill ourselves to the brim with self-assurance. If we can all bury the hatchet and wave bye-bye to Felicia, we will be a force. A movement. We birth these men; we can also mold this world for our own good without slashing each other’s throats. We are all gorgeous in our shapes and forms.
Let’s unburden ourselves with all that negative aura, hold on to this je ne sais quoi, it’s our source of power and a step closer to world dominion. Compliment another woman, say no to gossip, glow from inside and out. Be the light of the world. We can put an end to this common strife within our species. Other than estrogen we are unstoppable.

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  1. Amazing couldn’t have said it any better, been a target, i know how it feels its so petty. Reblogged this on ShereenaBadu

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