The Greatest Debate On My Blog: Batman Vs Superman

So last year I wrote a rather interesting and thought provoking piece Why Batman Is Better Than Superman the comments section set ablaze as my readers had different reactions. Although every one tried their best to articulate their opinions there was one person who went in guns blazing, with 200 words per comment. This guy was on fire, its every blogger’s dream to have this kind of engagement. We had a very interesting argument with this guy, the back and forth was gold as we fired valid points at each other. This debate deserves its own blog post! And here we are! This avid reader identified himself as Kudakwashe Dongo. He could not have it, he argued that Superman was infact better than Batman. So the debate began:
Kudakwashe Dongo : “Much as I respect Batman,I might have to stop you right there: First and foremost,Batman’s character doesn’t inspire hope or joy into anyone who knows his background. Just one look into his life shows us a brooding,grumpy vigilante dressed as a bat whose perception of joy is marred,he rarely has time to enjoy himself or even show any form of happiness towards those who care for him,making him unlikable to an extent.Superman’s presence alone inspires hope and a being you can put your trust in Superman is the modern version of the perfect human being who stands as a beacon of inspiration to strive towards,a category Batman falls short in Superman proved this when he talked to a girl about to commit suicide by falling off a tall building. After talking to her,he said he would stay with her till she was ready to talk. And guess what,he stayed there all day till nightime!He literally gave up other incidents around the world to focus his attention on a troubled teenage girl!Such dedication shows why Superman is the icon he is today! 2)One thing I’always hated about Batman is that all of his feats have been won by preparation. So far Batman has never been put in a situation that immediately required his expertise out be put to the test in the heat of the moment against powerful foes,a field in which Superman excels. For instance,when Superman fought Doomsday for the first time(not referring to BvS),he instantly knew the kind of power Doomsday possessed and instead of duking it out with him,he instantly flung Doomsday into space,ending his threat to Earth instantly. If Batman were put into that situation,he would have been killed instantly. His chances of winning would have been to go back and prepare some of armour after a few days to battle him after a few days. 3)Batman’s so called preparedness for every situation is so overrated. No matter how someone is well prepared,no one can in the know of EVERY unknown situation. People complain that Superman is overpowered,but if you ask me,its Batman.There’s no situation in which he isn’t caught in a fix,and that there is just downright fake,making him totally unrelatable 4)Batman is the worst superhero to be a sidekick for. Everyone involved as a partner with Bruce will either be killed,injured or scarred for life. Just look at what happened Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon!Worse,he lacks proper discipline in raising even his own son Damien,barely having little time for him. Clark is the opposite. Despite him being busy saving the world,he always finds time for those he cares about e.g his parents,Jimmy Olsen,Perry White and Lois Lane. Say what you wanna say,but in my verdict,Superman is the better hero.There’s a reason he’s called Superman for crying out loud!”
Makaitah Rogue : “Batman is broken that is why he is dark and emotionally unavailable. Yes he doesn’t go around spreading sunshine but there is more too his stoic person because in actuality he is soft and gooey inside. Let’s analyze his relationship with Alfred Pennyworth his supposed Butler… Be right back I am bit busy! Because this is going to be looong!”
Kudakwashe Dongo: “Oh,and one more thing I forgot to mention is that while Batman’s a defender of justice,he has an irrational way of having “the end justifies the means” attitude. For instance,its kinda funny how in BvS,he had an overbearing grudge towards Superman for “allegedly” killing innocent civilians in his awesome battle with Zod (who, surprisingly,we didn’t see any get killed at all in Man of Steel),yet he has NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER bulldozing criminals into oblivion with that mini-tank of his and even going to the extent of treating thugs like cattle by branding them and killing them! That’s a far cry for being the so called masked vigilante who ensures justice is served while at the time he gives a middle finger to courthouse and the prison rehabilitation system. Superman,on the other hand,while he did kill Zod,the very deed itself tore his spirit apart in the sense that he was split between the decision to preserve the lives of civilians whose kind looked upon him in fear and disgust and at the same time take the life of his fellow Kryptonian brethren,the last of their species. This proved that while Superman is allpowerful,this deed exposed a human side of him which valued life and that would be his greatest strength for all future decisions to come to either be an overbearing god who cares little for human life,or be a humble protector who would give his life for adopted homeworld…. Another little fact you might not have considered ,dear blogger,is to ask yourself this,if Batman is the hero you deserve,then why does he go about crime fighting behind a mask? Would you put your confidence in such a person who hides his true identity to you in the midst of peril,or would you instead place your worries upon someone whose face and feelings you can see being shown. Superman revealed the reason behind him not wearing a mask is because he wants those under his protection to have a protector to whom they can relate to,whose face they can see,a saviour who has nothing to hide. What more can you possibly want?!Screw Batman. The only thing I’d relate to that guy if he rescued me is that,”This guy must probably have a fetish for S&M while dressed as a bat in tights!”Anyone can be a millionaire given opportunity and education,but I’d gladly trade all the money in the world to be able to lift impossible weights,shoot laser beams outta my eyes and fly to the furthest reaches of uncharted space! #TeamSupermanFOREVER!”
Makaitah Rogue : “The mask is a sign of humility! The mystery is exciting and intriguing! That is credible disguise for modesty. Like Superman’s disguise as Clark his mask a pair of glasses? Really now, isn’t it dumb how Clark doesn’t look like superman and all his friends , colleagues haven’t noticed. A pair of glasses and he has a whole unrecognizable face? Cmon! Even Batman’s theme song is cool AF, like who can hum Superman’s theme song ? Batman sympathizes with the people he is protecting in Gotham City. This is because, first, he is human, and second, he had disturbing experiences with crime. As a human, he feels the vulnerability and fear that others in his city do, and he also empathizes with those who are affected by crimes because he was once, too. Superman has never felt the feeling of violation that comes with an attack of a criminal. He is not human so he is invulnerable which takes the juice out of it.let’s take all his super powers he is just another dumbwit. And what’s the deal with wearing underwear on top of his costume? All those colours screaming for attention. Where is kryptonite to end all this nonsense. I could go on and on but to each his own. I am not above a glorified immortal who is allergic to rock over a man who watched his parents being murdered and dedicated his life to fight criminals. Nope , not this girl. Good day!”
Kudakwashe Dongo: “Ho ho ho ho!Humility you say?My my,quite an intriguing point you just raised. Sorry to rain on your parade……AGAIN,but his wearing a mask has nothing to do with humility. All that’s for is so pretty boy can live his live as a playboy billionaire by day in peace. Speaking of day,how stupid is Batman’s identity. He only goes out at night to stop crime?!Really?!Either the criminals are stupid or Batman is!So tell me sister,if say…oh I don’t know,Riddler decided to hold a bank hostage during 3pm in the afternoon,we might as well wait a few hours into the night to turn on the Bat signal coz we know Bats only shows up at night!No wonder Gotham is so messed up!Bats doesn’t give a sh*t if crime is committed during the day coz his get up was only designed to work with the shadows! Does Superman have to wait till dark to fight crime?HELL TO DA NO! He’s always there 24/7! Also,pants on the outside you say?Don’t know what comic books you’ve been reading lately or if you payed attention to MoS or BvS,let alone read the New 52Superman reboot comics,but the underwear issue is already history as far as Superman is concerned. FYI,Bats wore underwear outside along with that ridiculous utility belt of his. Speaking of bonds,I wonder what sort of bond he formed with Jason Todd when he didn’t even bother to look for him for 6 months when he was kidnapped by the Joker(so much for World’s Greatest Detective)only to be tortured and turned into a raging psychopath called Red Hood out for revenge against Batman for abandoning him in his time of need. Moving back to Batman’s association with other heroes,for someone who reveres himself as a simple human,he certainly has a knack for thinking that he’s invincible by denying any form of help during his crime fighting sessions. Ask Batgirl, Red Robin,Nightwing, Batwing, Batwoman,Alfred,Red Hood or any hero unfortunate enough to pair up with him and they will tell you..Bruce’s stuborness to receive aid has landed in hot water many times than you can think,only to be saved by some deus ex machina moment when one of his sidekicks show up at the last minute to rescue him. Now you could say he doesn’t wanna endanger their lives and whatnot,but then again,why train them in the first place anyway?!Bruce’s mind is more twisted than a pretzel.Supes might be a all-powerful but even he doesn’t refuse aid,even if it seems unnecessary at times,because he always asserts the person’s feelings first. Jimmy Olsen,a mere human and one of his best friends,has helped him in so many occasions than I could count,showing the level of trust the Man of Steel has in his surbodinates,unlike our Dark knight who thinks he can do everything by himself. As for the theme song(sigh…you really had to go there didn’t you?)I’m not sure how familiar you are with the 1978 Superman film theme but if you do your research my dear,you will find that it is MOST POPULAR superhero theme song in history!Just one chord of the song will make you wanna rip off your shirt,puff your chest out and display that red and yellow S heroically! Batman’s theme songs(if any are popular for that matter)rarely are sung by anyone(except you of course).Moving on to alter egos,lets not be too judgemental into Clark’s disguise. If you read the comics extensively,you’d realise that Clark took acting classes to look like a bookish,slumping four eyed nerd,not to mention the fact that he changes the tone of his voice and wears glasses that distort his eye colour. Ask yourself this,”Would you expect a weak looking,clumsy,bumbling nerd wearing glasses clearly way too big for him to be the world’s mightiest hero?”Of course not!In Batman’s case,the mask didn’t help at all. Even Bane managed to decipher who Batman was just by looking at that huge chin of his! Lastly,(phew)Supes, like any hero,wouldn’t fight crime if its bite had not enroached its jaws upon his life. For instance,Darkseid killed one of Superman’s friends before his eyes,causing him to go into a blinding rage after the former escaped.In their next encounter,Darkseid teased him on how he being a god among men,couldn’t bring himself to kill to exact his revenge to which he responded,”Each time I look upon Earth,I see it as nothing more as a world made of cardboard. The struggle between hero and executioner is one constant battle I must face every waking day. If I were to lose control,even for a second,I would travel on that road of vengeance from which I’d never come back”This alone showed that Superman reveres his actions on behalf of the people of the adopted homeworld he protects rather than correct a wrong with a wrong,showing how human he is in subjecting his superhuman strength to be on par with his surroundings so that he wont hurt people……… Bats is great and all,but lets be honest. No matter how awesome he is,no superhero,and I mean NO SUPERHERO can measure up the measuring yardstick that started the superhero genre in the first place…SUPERMAN! BEAT THAT MISSY!”
Makaitah Rogue: “As long as Batman is a human being and Superman an alien, Batman will always, always be better. Nothing you can say can change that. It’s much cooler for a flawed hero to overcome (and sometimes fail to overcome) his all-too- human failings, than it is to be an invulnerable god, who never does anything wrong and can only be harmed by some exotic rock!”
Kudakwashe Dongo: “Lol….the last kicks of a dying horse are always a sign of desperation (especially if someone tries to end a conversation they are CLEARLY losing by saying being a human is better than being a powerful godlike being).In case history happened to pass by you,human feats achieved by mere humans under human standards are nothing new. If anything,all it requires is sheer luck,a bit and of training and divine intervention (the traits by which Batman has depended on up to now)In other words,anyone with a sizable fortune can make a Batcave under their home and buy the toys that come with being Batman(To put it simply……..yawn,so what?).However,nothing makes headlines more than when an all powerful being sacrifices his ego and power to attain a state equal to that of the everyday man. Why else do you think Jesus is the most revered figure in history as our Lord and Saviour?!Rather than let the fallen world of men revel in sin,He loved the world so much,He gave up his divine glory to be one with man both body and spirit,sharing his thoughts,dreams,hopes and emotions. How humble and cool is that?! Its no wonder Superman is considered to be a Christ-like figure!An all powerful alien who came to Earth as the sole survivor of his extinct race,taken in by earthly foster parents who were simple farmers,lost his foster father and had to care for his mother on his own,grew up with a strong moral sense of justice and instead of gaining fame and fortune with his superhuman abilities,he instead chose a humble profession as a journalist who secretly watches over the affairs of his adopted homeworld ,protecting it as its saviour. This my dear,is why Superman is the legend he is today’s moral compass by which mankind strives to be and can be. No often sister,but Batman’s so called “humanity” I simply that he was born of earth parents,end of story and thus,doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in Hell against the greatest example of what it means to be human when it comes to Superman. And with this,I hereby declare that you,dear blogger,just got served and adding salt to the wound,I also quote Batman’s word in Dark Knight Rises”Now…you have my permission to ‘die’” #MicDrop!”
Makaitah Rogue: “Hahaha! Maybe you should write your own blog. I know you would slay because you are killing me right now!”
Kudakwashe Dongo: “Thanks Makaitah. To be honest you made valid points yourself. Up to now,I’ve never seen anyone defend Batman as valiantly as you did. The Dark Knight himself would have been proud,and who knows? You could make a good Robin someday!”
Now that I have presented this debate, it doesn’t look like much of an argument. This guy buried me! Nice one Kudakwashe Dongo, like the awesome person that I am, I let him have the last say LOL. I still stand with my opinion : BATMAN IS BETTER THAN SUPERMAN.

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  1. In your opinion and mine, Bats will always be the human factor hero. But with Kent’s esoteric goodness and much to all our notion, he does inspire. IMO only though, if you have both inspiration and influence and the act to do so, then it becomes more heroic than it will ever be.

  2. Hi my name is Jon, this is a long and fun debate. I love batman he is based on more human abilities. Superman abilities are based around his super power. Love the topic!

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