The Beginning of A Foodie Journey

I know what you are thinking! A foodie? Yes I have always been one but just too lazy to slave away in the kitchen. Last Saturday I got home exhausted and famished. My helper served me a plate of over cooked rice and a miserable looking chicken stew, no veggies, no salad…no accessories. It tasted worse than it looked, bland and off. My appetite did a Theon Greyjoy and jumped ship. I removed the chicken from the sea of water and tomato puree. Ewww. Dumped the rice in my dog’s plate, he sniffed it and walked away. Even the dog refused to eat. So I made my self a chicken mayo sandwich. Questions whirled in my mind. Why are we eating like peasants? What is this? Why am I not taking over the reigns in the kitchen? After all I am not the one who does the dishes!
It was then, that I made a conscious decision to start preparing meals in this house. I told my self the type of lifestyle I lead is entirely up to me. Life is too short to be eating crap on a daily. So my journey of food enthusiasm began. In this blog post I will present the meals that I have prepared for the past seven days. I must say, my life has that glow by simply upgrading my meals! Mind you, don’t expect Chef Ramsey standards, I am just a woman who wants to eat good.

I am well known for making the best from the meagres of my kitchen. I had to work with the little that I had from my kitchen cupboards. This was a struggle meal, you all remember My Delicious Struggle Meal you gotta know yours truly makes bomb struggle meals. There was the battle of starches in this plate, Rice, potato fritter and welsh rabbit. Yeah, corned beef and gravy. Not your type of five star meal but this was a huge step from the usual peasant meals. FYI it was scrumcious!

What are Monday blues when you end the day with cream cheese mash, veg, chicken roast and some delicious gravy. Yum! Also I realised presentation is everything, our first experience of food is usually how it looks, then how it smells and lastly how it tastes. Paying attention to detail to enhance its aesthetic appeal is important. Give a girl some points for trying.

I am still questioning why I denied myself this kind of life style. Such foolishness. Look, you don’t have to be an expert or take cooking classes to eat good. Whipping up a good meal just needs a little bit of creativity and love. That’s all I got, that’s how I came up with this lovely peanut butter rice, chicken stew, veg and spinach. Tuesday was a great day.

Hubby went nuts over this meal. I will not divulge on how much he appreciates me taking some time to slave in the kitchen but be rest assured. He is GRATEFUL. You know what they say, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Your WCW ended the day with grilled fish, fries and mixed greens. Bon apetit!

This was my favourite! Creamy cheese spaghetti, with red,green,yellow pepper, lots of garlic flakes, chicken liver and a side of fruit salad. Loved it!

It looks like I am getting better and more inspired! This meal was to die for! Beef kebabs with cucumber and red pepper, sprinkled with garlic flakes ( I really love garlic) and smeared with cheese sauce. Along side roasted potatoes and apples drenched in yoghurt. I died and resurrected.

Last night was amazing. Cream cheese pasta, sweet and sour beef stew garnished with cucumber slices and a good old traditional coleslaw salad. This was going to be even more awesome with a glass of red, but mummy here is carrying precious cargo. Nevertheless this meal was DELICIOUS.
Tonight I am thinking of making chicken wrap. I don’t know, but whatever it is, its going to be mind blowing. The aim here is to feed the man until he is fat and unattractive lol. Here is to eating good and upgrading ourselves everyday! Hints and tips are welcome! I am a rookie eager to learn. Happy Sunday!

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  1. Is there any way you could adopt me whenever you cook? I love cooking too and my obsession with Cayenne pepper has people thinking I’m insane. Thank you for sharing these ?

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