Hello September!

Well, hey there September! The assurance of summer, the beginning of festivities and the arrival of Princess Zuva! The month of positive vibes and good cheer. Winter is officially over, its time to bring out flip flops, summer dresses, sun glasses, everything bright and colourful. Except for Crocs. Please put those back. Matter of fact, put them in a time capsule and throw it in the Atlantic ocean. Millenniums from now, aliens are going to invade this planet. One curious elongated creature will pick it up, open it and show his cohorts. One pair of Crocs is going to be so repulsive that they will scurry back to their space ships and leave. Yup, Crocs are alien repellent. Also female repellent guys, please put them back.
Whoa so Princess Zuva is almost here. I am so excited, I have always wanted a daughter and wear cute matching outfits! I am ready! Minus the vagina destroying birth process. That. That is retributive justice meant for criminals! Mother nature is our nemesis. All the same we bear children, snap back and carry on like the queens that we are. While we at it, just take a second right now. Text your mom, “You are the best mom.” Do it. Mothers deserve all the love and appreciation we can possibly give.
So, I am preparing my two year old son for Zuva’s arrival. He needs to understand that there is a new addition in the family. Also grasp,that he is not being replaced but to welcome her and acclimatise. He has been bonding with her, rubbing lotion on my belly and kissing it while whispering “baby.” So adorable. Life is crazy. Its like I just blinked and here I am. 30 years old, married, a mother of two and oddly domesticated. 20 year old me would be laughing at me right now.
Hahahaha! *slaps knee* I mean I am actually planning on what to cook for dinner, Malik is starting kindergarten on Monday so I am up to my neck organising his clothes and all. Look at me, over here being an actual adult, mum and wife. Its crazy. This month was the month I had planned to finish my book. Sadly not this year despite the fact that my editor is breathing down my neck. Its been a hectic year, with the baby coming I will have to sideline this little project. This month of September is the month I get to sit back, relax and try my level best to ignore the pressures of life. So if I owe you money, its not the time to blow my phone, not this September lol. Let a poor preggy woman enjoy her serenity and refrain from provoking labour angst. Seriously guys for just this month.
So, what have you planned for this month? Let me know hey. You guys freaking rock! You know that right? Right? Okay. Pray for me,I am scared of labour. The time is near. Happy September, I hope this month brings all your hearts desires, inspiration and great blogging days.

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  1. September is my birthday month! Woo-hoo!
    I’m happy to read there will be another Virgo woman arriving into the world to bring order to this planet. Bravo! ♥️

    1. Lol. Life is going to be so different 10 years later, wait for it! Also enjoy your 20s …please go crazy have the most fun ever. Also take school seriously all I am saying is word hard play hard. The 20s rock

  2. All the best Mai Malik
    Remember not too think too much about the pain during labour.
    Breathe in with the contractions as Zuva dawns ?

  3. Wish for the best 🙂 And how did you cultivate your own style of writing? I really admire your style of writing which is with a bit of seriousness and a bit of humour and a bit of everything. I haven’t written since English 12 which was many moons ago and I am struggling to write and finding my style. Thanks for the post!

    1. Sorry for the late reply? Thank you so much, when I write I don’t try to sound like someone else or someone I admire. I am just myself, I guess that’s how you find you voice. Just be yourself and you will enjoy writing! Thank you for strolling through my blog. Really means a lot to me. You have no idea ???

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