Princess Zuva

Submerged in this wonderful amniotic sac and enjoying the buoyancy of this little aquatic paradise. The steady rhythm of her heart beat, a sweet serenade. The translucent walls of the womb diffusing light into beautiful fiery orange rays. Nourished and nurtured,a budding life blossoms.
6 months later…
Well that escalated pretty fast. Aquatic paradise? Not so much. This suffocating and claustrophobic hell hole is driving me crazy! I want to come out and no mummy, who plays Waka Flocka for their unborn child? Do you want me to come into the world with a headache? Why are the walls closing in? Why is Malik always diving on me? Is this not a little to early for sibling rivalry? Mummy sing that song that soothes me. Sing that song of long grass and sunsets. The gentle chords of a neutral soprano lull me to sleep. Startled awake by the gleeful laughter of my older brother. That laughter that string my heart like a guitar. Nothing compares to the deep voice that fills my heart to the brim. The voice of the procreator. What is it like out there? I hope there is enough leg room to stretch out my legs.
I can not wait to get out of here and meet you guys. Seriously I need to get out of here. Not cool anymore. Not cool.

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