Should I go? 

His eyes bore pleadingly for mercy. Mercy. An emotion far fetched and implausible as the return of the dodo. I marveled at the artistic cuts that slashed across his face. He never looked so beautiful with blood clots slowly scabbing on his face.

I slowly ripped off the tape that covered his mouth. “Please I promise to be better, please just let me go” he begged. He looked so cute lying there begging for my pardon. “Tell me” I breathed “Tell me, what it felt like when you were balls deep in my best friend” Tears profusely ran down his cheeks as he shook his head. “Tell me dammit!” I hissed at him. “I am sorry, it was a mistake…” I threw my head back as a boisterous laughter erupted from my bosom. Mistake. So this man is telling me that he had temporary amnesia? He forgot that he was married? Forgot his wedding vows? Forgot his individual morality? Forgot that she was my best friend?! Simply forgot. What? The male anatomical mechanism numbs the brain and makes them stupid? C’Mon Damien. Let me trigger his memory a bit. ” Dazy, Heather, Kim,Rue,Vee,Tina,Perks,Valerie,Jacky….mistakes too?” He hung his head like a murderer at the guillotine. The kettle whistled. It was time. I taped his mouth again and left.
100℃ was hot enough, for the constant beatings, for stealing my self esteem with mental and emotional torment. So therapeutic, so soothing to slowly pour boiling water on his naked posterior. He writhed in pain and I relished in the power of inflicting pain. My poor baby, he passed out. Not so macho now? Such a pathetic pain threshold. I flinch at the flashback of his clenched buttocks as he pounded the person I considered to be a little sister. Pain clogged my throat, a pain that could be washed away by tears. I stood over him, my body racked with sobs….Damn you Damien. “Wake up you bastard! I am not done with you!” I threw my fists at his face the way he threw his until I miscarried the twins. That night he left me battered and bleeding. The doctor had looked at me with obvious pity. I knew then, that I had lost my babies. The sketchy police report of how an intruder had attacked me was laughable. Protecting a monster.
In the next room I firmly tied her to a chair. I stood over her with a bread knife in my right hand. Why? I thought we were friends? How could you look me in the face knowing that you were spreading it for my husband? I grabbed a chunk of her hair and began cutting it. The knife was not sharp enough so I pulled out chunks of hair. Leaving her scalp raw and bloody. She quite looked like the bride of Chucky after I had done with her. I untapped her mouth. “It’s his fault he wouldn’t leave me alone” she said inbetween sobs. Oh, really now? You felt it right to enable his whoredom? Good looking out sister. I didn’t want to hear any of it. I tapped her mouth and left for lover boy. Hardly recognizable, his face puffed,bleeding,cut,bruised and swollen. I took out my revolver and screwed on the silencer on the barrel. Any last words? I shot him right between his eyes. I didn’t think so. Blood trickled on the floor like the blood that gushed out when I miscarried. His eyes wide open staring, cold and glazed. It is over. In the next room I shot her from the back just like the way she stabbed me in the back. My work was done. I took my suitcase and left, visa approved, ticked bought and straight to the airport just in time for check in.
The Kelly Rowland “Motivation” ringtone startled me from my day dream. The coffee was cold, I stood up and threw the remnants in to the sink. “Hello baby, you are not coming home tonight? Oh the entire weekend. Okay” click he hung up. I sank into the kitchen chair, and buried my face in my hands. He is with her. Another night in a cold bed with a wet pillow. Maybe I should consider dipping them in a tub full of acid in that wild fantasy of mine. Sigh.

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