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Hey there, it’s me. Again. Your favorite blogger. No? Oh c’mon guys, I know you love me. Yeah, you too guy at the back. What’s not to love? I am witty, unpredictable I mean I am so much fun! Right? Right? Right? I need you guys to love me ????. Y’all a bunch of meanies you know. LMAO okay, okay moving on.So what inspired me to be a blogger and a writer as well? Reading. Yes reading unlocked something inside me, the need to construct plots, tones, themes, breaking down scenes, building to a climax, developing characters, exploiting protagonists at the pleasure of my own creativity. I mean how can you call yourself a writer who doesn’t read? So the reading writer that I am I thought I could share my reading progress for June 2017. I read a lot, like a great lot! I have been reading books upon books ever since I learnt how to read. I am that annoying book worm, kinda anti social with my nose buried in a book most of the times. I just love reading. So bear with me here lol. 
1. Judgement Call – JC Ryan

This crime and suspense thriller novel had me tearing my hair out with nerves! The fact that the protagonists where on a fast lane to failure and saved the day in the nick of time was mind blowing. It resonates on a corrupt justice system that puts an innocent man in prison for life. After 10years his wife has not lost hope, she persuades a prominent judge with evidence she had collected over the years. They team up to exonerate her husband but they have no idea of the conspiracy triangle that they are about to unravel. I totally enjoyed this book. I am so purchasing the entire series! Thank you JC Ryan.
2. Critical Vulnerability – Melissa F Miller

This book was okay. I mean it took me a week to read it, instead of the usual 2-3days. My mind would wonder while reading it. The plot thoroughly well thought, great suspense but the author spent so much time describing irrelevant details instead of getting to the juicy parts! By the time you reach the plot twist it has lost its wow factor because you been reading pages on the description of a room. It’s inspirational for young lawyers and a great show on the dangers of a digital world. A lot of loop holes if I must say. Like this guy’s mum is kidnapped, he gets home, the house has been trashed and there is a blood everywhere. His mum nowhere to be found. Instead of calling the police he chills on his front stoep, doesn’t call the police but instead confides in his neighbor over beer. The neighbors advises him to wait 24 hrs to file a missing persons case. Hellooo, trashed house and blood? Sketchy.
3. Barefoot With a Bodyguard – Roxane St Claire
Romance ambience on an overdose with this one. If you want a cheesy corny good old romance novel, well this it. Settings, two human beings utterly attracted to each other stuck in a villa by the beach, sunset, sand, massage, the works. Typically they act like the hate each other with both their egos in the way but they finally find each other. Damsel in distress paired up with a man with a heavy bounty as her bodyguard. They have to pretend to be married for both of their safety. Intriguing story. Entertaining and worth the read!
I usually read more than three books a month but June was hectic! Do you also read? Any book you would like to recommend? Let me know in the comments section. Have a great Friday y’all!

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  1. Well, is that pregnancy hormones speaking? @ first paragraph?
    Anyway, I just finished reading a classic book. “Cry the beloved country” by Alan Paton.
    It’s lovely hearing from you again

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