Racist pharmacist refused to sell a Negro some Paracetamol

My ego denied me to beg this parasite-rat-mole.

Like a Moabite I bite back

Pull out my revolver, it’s my instant resolver

A morbid resolution. My only solution.

See my Nana been ill

She been in pain for real.

But this superior antagonism undermines the realism of our existence.

My logic is scattered like the brains about to be splattered on the wall.

The balm of sweat on my forehead. Flash back. Nana sore head.

The silent buzzer conjured the law enforcers in a bat of an eye lid.

The resilient bugger is the obscured version of me, yet here I am. Lucid.

Just another fellow trying to do good by straddling the yellow line. I am Robin Hood.

What’s good. I drop my weapon and lift my hands in surrender.

Rendered motionless by their advanced weapons. You see mine is just a toy. Plastic.

My nephew’s toy gun and ill Nana is all I got. But I am face to face with real guns. Drastic.

Bullets rain on my puny body. Perforated.

Can’t fathom because I cooperated.

All I wanted was some paracetamol for my ill Nana.

I hope they give Tommy his toy gun. See, it’s his favorite toy. No pun.

4 thoughts on “PREJUDICE

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  1. Prejudice, A serious issue of concern. I guess we can follow this advice – you don’t have control of how people treat you but you can control how you respond. So I say to Prejudice respond with as much calm as you can, walk away if you have to. And then sometimes you can demand your right calmly with witnesses o!

    1. Soo true! I totally agree, no matter how unfair Ted situation, 3 deep breaths and walk away. Preserve your peace and secure your safety! Thank you for reading?

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