Listen Up Kirk Frost #LHHATL Season 6

Kirk, Kirk, my man Kirk. Do you know how much I had invested in your marriage with Rasheeda? Emotions, hope, trust and I even gave you a second chance when you threw that apology party for my girl Rasheeda. I believed you. That party had fifty shades of sincerity and new found respect for you was established. I gave you that. You acknowledged your fuck ups, owned them and apologized. I was so proud of you.

Kirk Frost

Now after all that, apology party, your wife taking you back and working on moving past your infidelities. You go back to mess up such a beautiful thing you had going on with your wife? AGAIN?!  Kirk you up in strip clubs, picking strippers and getting it on without a jimmy on your schlong? Have you ever looked at Rasheeda? She is a strong, insanely gorgeous woman, with great work ethics, mad talented, one hell of a mother to your sons and a good wife to you. What is wrong with you man? You are out here spreading your sauce in them strip clubs now you got a baby with a stripper. How you going to have a whole baby, rent an apartment for your stripper mummy in the same building you reside with your wife? Secretly playing daddy and think shit won’t blow out? Seriously, for how long did you think you were going to pull this off? Haven’t you put Rasheeda through enough shit? All you had to do was be a good and loyal husband. Make up for all the past BS and work on getting your wife to trust you again. But not Kirk Frost, the king of self sabotage. You out here crying a river talking about being sorry and wanting your family back. Are your for real?!
Let’s talk about your conversation with Scrappy. My man Scrappy was just as confused as I am about your behaviour. He stepped up to you, man to man, asked you why you would mess up Rasheeda like this? Destroy your own family with such reckless and stupid behavior. Aye, I watched you Kirk trying to play the it’s-not-my-fault card. Talking about, it ain’t my fault Rasheeda was always too tired to give me sex because she too busy being a career woman and a mum cripty crap crap. Do you even listen to yourself when you speak? So you felt obligated to cheat? Gaddamn Kirk, this woman is juggling a lot of things for YOUR family and you are here whining like a baby. Couldn’t you be supportive of Rasheeda’s hustle? You could have sat down like a grown ass man and communicate with your wife. Book weekends out to spend quality time with her? This is not rocket science, love should prompt you to step up and be the man you are supposed to be. Not running to the strip club and picking random females to sleep with. Worse without protection?! How much is a condom, that side they are free! Seriously Kirk, what the hell?
Listen up, it’s all on you. It’s your fault you cheated, lied, and had a baby with a stripper. ALL.YOUR.FAULT. No-one to blame but yourself. Don’t you dare project your fucked up behavior on Rasheeda because Rasheeda has nothing to do with this mess you created. You are the foolish, idiotic man, unintelligent enough to do good by your wife and family. You made that decision to make a circus out of your marriage and have Rasheeda looking like a damn fool. You are a disgrace to the male species. You are the reason why women coined the term “Men are trash.” Nothing cute about going around your head dropped and looking sorry. YOU did this to yourself and you showed the world that you are nothing but a low principled man, with no moral compass, respect for women, and too ruled by the thing between your legs to stay loyal to real sugar. Rasheeda deserves better, she forgave you over a lot of misconduct. But this? No Kirk, go shack up with stripper mummy and cry a river.

I hope Rasheeda is strong enough not to be enticed by the idea of having her family living happily ever after and kick your wack ass to the curb. You don’t deserve her. You were given a second chance and you blew it. You are not a cat, you don’t have nine lives and you can’t afford to take Rasheeda and your boys for granted. At some point, something gotta give. You lost the best thing in your life because of stupidity. Now you will watch another man play daddy to your sons and give Rasheeda everything she ever wanted from you. All for what? 2.5seconds to nut in some stranger? Was it worth it after all? You hurt Rasheeda real bad and it’s time for you to man up and face the consequences.
 A real man is loyal to his marriage, has his family as priority number 1, and will do anything to protect what’s his. You Kirk Frost ain’t a real man but a threat to the women species and an occupational hazard. Karma is coming for you, you don’t mess up a union and expect to walk scot free without getting bruised. Wait for it. It’s coming for you. Brace yourself.

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