Stop Posting Pictures Of Corpses on Social Media!

I woke up all chirpy and bright this morning. This is rare, I hate mornings, I hate waking up and if I had it my way I would sleep in till mid day. But today I was on an endorphin high. So, here I am, scrolling down my Facebook news feed then bam, a gruesome, bloody picture of a dead toddler. Guts spilling out, mashed flesh and gore. Traumatised, shaking, scarred for life and one rare chirpy morning ruined instantaneously.
Why, why do people post pictures of dead people on social media? The daunting reality of lack of human nature and individual morality is astounding. Where is the natural benovelence of humaneness that exudes care and dignity? Every single damn day I run into pictures of dead people on social media, ugly horrid accident scenes, corpses in open caskets, dead people on hospital beds, victims of heart wrenching murder scenes, I mean c’mon humanity! The desire for virtual relevance and attention has robbed us of any shred of rational and propriety that conditions the nature of our species. Social media facilitating sociopaths to manifest their lack of conscience and low principles for proper conduct.  It’s the moral obligation of society to rebuke these pictures. Report, block , display disgust and disapproval. But oh no, the amount of likes and shares are astonishing. It’s baffling. It makes me wonder about the nature of ethics and foundations  of many.
Receiving news about the death of someone close is a hard blow. Now imagine the devastation that comes with discovering the death of a close relative via gruesome pictures on social media. The shock, the distress, the grief. Nobody wants repulsive corpse pictures of their loved ones scattered all over social media. It’s demeaning and disrespectful to the deceased: with no regards to the mourning family and friends. The story of Karabo Mokoena caused a lot of unrest on social media. A young lady murdered and burnt by her boyfriend. A sad and heartbreaking story. I don’t even have the right to imagine how her family dealt with the grief of such a brutal and sudden death. Now some moron felt it was appropriate to share a picture of her burnt corpse on Facebook. How heartless and cruel can a person be? Is this what we have become? The compassion for others has become so ornate to verge on decadence. 
Today I saw a horrific picture of a corpse of a toddler. Everytime I close my eyes that’s is all I see.I can’t just shake it off, I am so disturbed I think I should call my therapist. Obviously the person who posted this has very limited intellectual functions. But must we suffer at the hands of Social Media demons? How do we curb this disease of social insolence and impertinence? A school of Social Media Ethics and Etiquette? We can’t  police the obtrusive demography of Social Media but I can write this blog. STOP POSTING PICTURES OF CORPSES ON SOCIAL MEDIA!! It’s disrespectful, cruel, heartless, insensitive, psychotic and inhumane.
Now if anyone posts a picture of a corpse, I am going to find you and burn your house down. I am tired of these tactless, ignorant and impudent human beings. If you are one of these people, do me a favor please. Go put yourself in rice. 

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  1. Couldn’t have agreed more!!!??
    I totally feel you!?
    Media loves capturing attention by posting mortified images of corpses!?

  2. While I think that knowing about what happens is important, there’s a BIG difference between knowing someone died, even horrifically, and SHOWING it, you know? And if you’re going to show it, at LEAST warn people with a small preamble, you know? That’s what I would do. Not that I have ever shared anything I would consider graphic. This issue goes to show how desensitized people have become to violence. Like its NORMAL now to share things that are GRUESOME when 10-20 years ago you’da been seen as a lunatic for sharing it, you know? To each their own, but there are moral lines that deserve a little more respect. Great post!

    1. Thank you. I totally get you, you can share news minus the grotesque pictures you know. Thank you for this, I really appreciate your thoughts?

  3. I’m sorry you had to see those images. It is amazing what will people will do for shares and likes – the depths we will go to be relevant is astounding. I hope you’ve unfriended, unfollowed and hide anyone “sharing” descrated bodies.

    1. It’s what we have to endure on social media, and you can’t exactly remove yourself except to make the block button your bestfriend. Thanks for reading!

  4. Thank you! I am so sick and tired of people posting these disgusting pictures all over Facebook. I don’t see why people continue to like and share them. I said this on one of my Facebook posts before. It’s VERY disrespectful to those people. And the people don’t really care about the person who died. They just want likes and shares. smh

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