Are Men Really Trash?

If I had a dollar for every time I read, “Men are trash” on social media? I would be a multi-billionaire. I have been at my whims trying to restrain myself from addressing this plague of bitterness. Last week I watched with horror as one female rose to object and was coerced into silence.
It’s hilarious how persons of a certain class lurk behind the cyber walls, waiting for an opportune time to viciously dismantle an opposing opinion. These are my favorite, honestly they make social media a worthy circus. Steering back to my main subject, are men really trash? What is trash? What is trash in relation to people of society? Unworthy, repulsive class of people with poor morals, culture and very low social standing. Also, likened to discarded matter or refuse. Collectively trash. Right, see the connotative venom of, “Men are trash?” This is a disrespectful and scornful abusive remark to men in general.
Now what would drive the female nation to sing in unison in such an aggressive manner against the male kind? Is it fair to make trash innuendos in regards to men? Such vile unanimous accusatory statements. Remember we have sons, brothers, fathers, nephews and husbands. Are we lucid and coherent by comprehensively saying, men are trash? Is this a brand of feminism poorly disguised as misandry? I am a humanist and I firmly believe in the potential value and goodness of human beings. I am writing this solely to reveal rational ways to solve human injustices.
So, does it mean that I am oblivious to the atrocities that women have endured at the hands of men? No. How many stories have you heard about dead beat fathers, cheating husbands, two timing womanizers, abusive…I mean google the statistics of women raped per seven minutes in South Africa. How many women will raise their hands if asked if they ever encountered sexual harassment? Probably all of us including myself. Yes, I get it, I am a woman too. I have been cheated on, sexually harassed, physically abused, disregarded because of my gender, left in a murky puddle of self-contempt and trauma. I am highly obliged to conduct with more obloquy that could reasonably attach. YES, MEN ARE REALLY UNIMAGINABLE FILTHY TRASH. Against such a judgement, contrary to my experience with men, I prefer to be wise, sensible, objective and just. MEN ARE NOT TRASH, but my ex from 2009, my ex-boss and my cousin’s ex fiancé are trash. So, if one man single handedly screws up does it mean that men are collectively trash? I will leave you to ponder on this.
Believing that men are trash as far as I am concerned is an overreaction but I urge us to assume the right to pass a verdict in critical and fair manner. I understand the harsh bitterness and anger that fuels this phrase. At the end of the day, let’s remember that women can be trash too. Consequentially all human beings have suffered at the hands of another.

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  1. I completely agree; it is important to put things into perspective before making generalizations. If one man made all men trash, than it could also be concluded that everyone is trash, for all groups of people have done trashy things at some point or another. Love your posts!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes people should practice a certain kind of objectivity not to umbrella everything because of a single misgiving. Again, thank you for stopping by.
      Stay awesome!

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