Cheers to the year 2017! Here is to another year of awesomeness of great magnitude. The plans I have for this year are crazy! 2017 come here you, I am going to wear you like a bracelet, moon walk all over you like ceramic floor, wipe the floor with your face, raid your villages, after I am done, you will be in serious need for therapy because I am about to violate you in the unruliest manner possible. You are mine! Mine, Mine, MINE! MUHAHAHAHAH! Ahem, okay allow me to have my moment please, I am on the brink of greatness here and no I am not high. Seriously this year is tailor made for me to kick some ass. Sit back and watch the unfolding of one of my best years.
Cheers to my followers! Aww you guys are my motivation; I couldn’t believe it when I got the notification last December. Congratulations Makaitah Rogue, you have 1000 followers. 1000 followers, 1000 wonderful bloggers who looked at my blog and thought, now here is a blog worth a follow. I switched over to WordPress last year in March and 9 months later this blog birthed 1k followers. Sometimes when people are rude to me, I look at them dead in the eye and undertone “You won’t be rude to me when you find out that I have 1000 followers on my blog, Ha! 1084 followers and counting, take that you filthy animal!” But then I remind myself that I am a lady of humility and ceremoniously walk away with my head high. Honestly, to each and every follower I appreciate you, you have made blogging worth a while with your likes and comments. The last quarter of 2016 I was scarce, even interactions with fellow bloggers was…dead. Yours truly was up to her neck planning her wedding, and I might add, the wedding was beautiful and everything I dreamt of. That’s a blog for another day. Remember if it wasn’t for you guys Makaitah Rogue would be a ghost town haunted by a rather shady female but you made this blog your home, made it alive and for that allow me to cyber slobber your faces with wet kisses. Don’t wipe your face, yeah you…very very rude.
Cheers to Tucker Max, the craziest writer I have come across in my life! I have been reading his memoirs and I must say, he is the spice of the world. He has inspired me to pursue my passion as writer and not just a blogger. So, when I say 2017 is going to be amazing? Be on the lookout on Amazon for a book written by me! Yup that’s right. Tucker has taught me that as a writer I do not have to conform to certain styles and tones in my work. I can do whatever I want, create my own genre if I must, go crazy and because of that the letters on my keyboard are fading, I have unlocked a part of my mind that I never thought I had! So, cheers to you Tucker you psycho genius. You are my inspiration!
Cheers to all the writers and bloggers out there! Writing is the bravest thing to do, putting yourself out there for the world to see, prepared for whatever horse crap that might come your way. It’s a cold world but the courage to write and bare yourselves naked is virtuous, admirable and mostly honorable. It’s like walking nude on the world stage with all our flaws, owning them and letting them tell their story. That kind of boldness is a force to reckon. Writers have fought battles, freed slaves, sang songs, (political influence, led uprisings, revolutions) touched lives, changed destinies, molded leaders, media, tabloids, communication, evoked emotions; made everything tangible, a tear, a smile and laughter. The power that writers have is worth this very toast. Cheers to you all. The world is yours for the taking!
Cheers to my Family and friends. I cannot name you all but I love you so much. Mom, dad, Natasha, Mark, Iky, Chirewa family, Chigodo family, Ndoro family, Kagwere family, Chingwena family, Kainga family, Manenji Family, Mungoshi family, Mangwende family, Musamba family. Krissy, I miss your black ass! Bells you are freaking awesome! Nyarie you are bae. Nelly you left without saying bye you wench ;0 Diddy, this year is it, its our freaking year babes. Hubby I love you, you are the man who woke up and put a ring on it, I appreciate your hard work and dedication to make our family happy. You are everything I need and want. To my son Malik, you are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I love you like meat loves salt. Hahaha seriously you have no idea, mummy would dagger a person for you. (this is not borderline personality disorder; I am very serious)
Cheers to the higher power, to Jesus for making this life sweet and meaningful. I need an entire blog for this one. Your name will reign in this life and forever. Without you am nothing. I am a tumble weed blown aimlessly by the winds. A roach on the wall. A monkey on cocaine. Headless chicken. You embolden me, enable me to be great and more.
Cheers to my readers, I saved the best for last. You people are my kunta in the kinte, the bonnie in the clyde, the toppings on pizza, the oxygen in water, the Michael in Jackson, the beat in the heart, the malaria in a mosquito (ok, ok, kidding about that last bit lol) You are the reason for treason. The way you have blown the stats for my views! 35k views in 9 months. You guys are cray cray, in the most positive manner of course. You are the heartbeat of this blog, Makaitah Rogue is your slave, you’re my master. Thank you for making this blog freaking awesome. I am in awe honestly; I love you guys. I really do. Thank you for believing in me. Cheers to you and your kin.

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    1. Thank you! All the best in 2017!
      Well Tucker might be a bit unorthodox but he is an awesome word smith and entertaining. Plus he made it in all his crudeness lol

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