Beginner's Guide To Natural Hair



Chengetai Victoria Chirewa

 “I can’t comb my hair”, 

“I can’t wear my hair natural because its too coarse and matted”, 

“I haven’t got time to maintain it”, 

“I don’t know how to maintain it”


These are some of the reasons/excuses that I’m met with when people express how they wish they could wear their hair naturally and I encourage them to do so. Having chemically straightened my hair for the most part of my life, I too was overwhelmed with the prospect of managing my hair in its natural state. For the most part your hair just wants to be moisturised and thats it. I am still learning how best to manage my hair but I’ve complied a list of tips that should hopefully alleviate your fears and help you get started. 


1.    Never comb dry hair. I only comb my hair when its slightly damp this eliminates breakage and will make your hair a lot easier to comb through and makes it less painful.

2.    Comb your hair starting with the ends first and the roots last. 

3.    Moisturise your hair using the WOC / WCO method. W= water O= oil C= cream. Spray your hair with water so its damp not dripping, and seal in the moisture using any oil of your choice for example almond oil, coconut oil or shea butter followed by a cream. Or preferably you can use the cream before the oil. Either way the idea is to seal in moisture and keep your hair soft. Do not use vaseline or petroleum based products as they merely coat your hair strands, preventing moisture from getting in 

4.    Avoid sleeping without a satin headscarf on or satin pillow. When you sleep without satin between your hair and a cotton pillow, during the night the cotton will literally drain your hair of its moisture, which you want to avoid. Also as you twist and turn through the night the cotton will cause friction with your hair and will not allow it to slide smoothly across it, leading to breakage. 

5.    Wash and deep condition your hair regularly. Its important to keep that scalp clean. I try and wash and deep condition my hair at least once every two weeks and alternate between a protein repair hair treatment or hot oil treatment to deep condition. 



I hope this has been helpful and good luck to you all starting your natural hair journey. Head over to  for more tips. 



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  1. Great post! As a fellow naturalista, I agree with these tips! I would also encourage a regimen that includes protective styling! Keeping your hands off of your ends could help you see growth!

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