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I can not begin to tell you the pressure that comes with planning a wedding! Now I get it wedding planners, I get it. For the past six months I have been planning my own wedding, along side a six month old headache.
I am pretty much a hands on person and I prefer to paint my own vision than have someone do it for me. People have difficulties in translating my imagination into reality. This is why I AM doing the decor and choreography for the wedding dance routines. I have brought it down to making my own cake pouches to creating a play list for the ceremony. No one can do it better than the actual visionary though my sister believes that I am a control freak and I supposedly suffer from an acute case of OCD. Pshh OCD, please I have missed a couple of typos in some of my blogs, I have an earing carelessly strewn on the floor and right now I am fighting the urge to pick it up. Oh yeah the little white grain on the floor rug did not drive me crazy at all, and thats the reason I scrubbed that damn rug to perfection. No, I don’t care for hubby’s mug ring on the table even through my undertone curses as I polished the table ten times in one morning. You know why? Because I do not suffer from O freaking CD. There.
Moving on. So you are probably wondering, wait wasn’t this damsel married already? Lower those eyebrows and allow me to break it down to you. I am traditionally married, the man paid the infamous bride price (lobola), brought my parents goats and cows. So now we are doing the white wedding. Anyways, during the precognitive planning I approached various designers for the wedding invite and none of them really brought it home for me. All these common higgidley-piggedley invites activated a series of yawns and sighs. I absolutely hate normal. So it hit me. I CAN ACTUALLY MAKE MY OWN INVITE! Firstly, I explored a couple of gifts, antique and miscellaneous accessories’ shops for inspiration. After deliberate consequencing I knew my invite had to be framed. I had to find a reasonably small frame which was cost effective. I mean we are talking about 200 wedding invites.
After a bit of scouting I found thee frame going for 50cents! Phew okay, I designed the actual invite on my lap top, printed it and slipped it into the frame. Voila an invite of magnus great! Simple, different and classy as hell. It had Makaitah Rogue oozing out of it. I thought handing out a frame from my purse or under my desk could be ahem, tacky. Then I came across these cute gift bags. It was done, 80 cents/invite for an invite that looked like a million dollars. I have been handing out these invites and I can tell you I am good with the gaping and awe from people. The theme colours for the wedding are white and red. The frame is white and comes in a red gift bag. I am insanely obsessed with white and red. Its the classy white and red, more of white and a hint of red. Like a white couch with red throw pillows not like a butcher’s work station. Please no. FYI I am wearing red strings TMI. TMI.
wedding invite.png
A wedding invite sets the standards of the wedding and I can confidently say I have set mine. I am totally enjoying planning this wedding despite the pressures that comes with it. I can not wait for the day to arrive and drink in all the hard work put in it. 4 weeks to go, boy oh boy!

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  1. I love the framed invites! What a great idea! I’ve recently started blogging and just added invites to my blog! I’d love you to take a look and see what you think. I totally get when you say, “AHH” what a headache and hard job wedding planners have!

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