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The great magician is back! Famous for my disappearing and reappearing acts! How long have I been out? Two weeks and it felt like an eternity! Well life can be pretty overwhelming, we moved to a bigger place and better neighbourhood. Settling in proved to be more than a mission, I seriously considered a life of pilgrimage. The tedious task of packing and unpacking omg so unintelligent, boredom extreme and time consuming. These are the times i wish i could afford to hire a team of movers. You know to help me with this moving business.
Scenario. Wearing an expensive flowy dressing gown. Probably a white lacy Chanel. Yeah Chanel with one ‘n’ (its amazing how a single conventional character of an alphabet can revolutionize a product) and holding a delightful glass of rosé. “Be careful with that vase Pritchard, I bought it from Egypt last summer holiday” of course that will be me hovering around seeing that my priced possessions are safe. Sigh. But my soon to be rich ass had to slave by myself oh and with Malik having a time of making the job harder by trying to break everything. Soon to be rich. I can hear the laughter of the indefinite time connotative with “soon.” Oh happy days.
As i was settling in our new home I untactfully decided to wean off my son from the breast. Yup one year and three months of breastfeeding my spawn. There is enough the boob can take and having this boy suckling every damn day like a vampire on edge was doing a number on me. Thats a blog for another day. But I think I did well as a mother, I never thought I would push this far with this breastfeeding thing. I truly exceeded my limitations. Where is my Grammy? And somebody forgot to pass the memo that weaning involves the boob expanding to F cups and threatening to explode! I am partly to blame for not researching and taking my sweet nana’s advice without putting any thoughts to it. Bless her and the rich culture of mbuya Nehanda roots that I continue to partake from her. So I did the mbuya Nehanda style of weaning. My boobs felt like bricks, swollen, sore and ginormous. The idea was to wait it out, let the milk dry out naturally, while going about looking like Jonny Bravo. Its the most agro method considering that it is 2016 and technology has blessed us with medicine that can dry up the milk without going through the fire of Babylon. I can safely say that the worst is over and I am freeeeeeeeeeeee! I can have a solid night’s sleep and Malik is independent. You have no idea, never underestimate the serenity of undisturbed sleep.
Sadly my grandfather passed away. Sob. Not my direct grandfather but my grandad’s brother but just as close. While visiting him at the hospital the day he died as i was about to leave his room, something told me that this was the last time I was seeing him alive. I turned to look at him one last time then he raised his hand as if reaching out to me. (Stroke patient could not speak) I went back to him and held his hand. In that moment volumes were spoken although no mouth was opened. I let him know that it was okay to let go and he ruefully acknowledged my compassion. Its was a heart-breaking farewell. Full disclosure: I am so glad I had this moment with him before he passed. Two hours later, he passed. Max Uzande died 16:20hrs, 5 October 2016. The turn up was amazing, my grandfather was a great man, he took so many people under his wing and nurtured them to success. 1000 people at his funeral. I can not even begin to explain how he touched so many lives. All I can say is may his beautiful soul rest in eternal peace. He will be greatly missed!
Malik is becoming a menace. The kid decided that in this heat my laptop need to cool down and he dipped it in a bathtub full of water. Exasperation does not explain how I felt. Staring at my laptop at the bottom of the tub felt like I was swallowing shards of glass. In contrary to Malik’s innocence while he gleefully slammed the external hard drive on the floor. I was damn near slitting my wrists. Watching my laptop drip dry in the sun was the height of optimism or stupidity? I don’t know.(How am I still sane? Beats me lower lip shrug) Now do you blame me for being AWOL? Seriously to top it off I had deadlines to meet at work and another thing Malik’s nanny did a no show for four days! So I was stuck at home with this kid. Dear people with more than one kid, three, four kids etc. You guys are the real MVPs! I am in awe of you! Malik alone is more than a handful, i can’t keep up even when i reduced his sugar intake the kid seems to have a secret reserve of energy! Motherhood.Is.So.Much.Fun.
I am back, I return to my normal schedule and that means more of my blogs to come. Gosh even in the midst of the clutter in my life, I missed you guys. Being here feels like I am in another dimension. An escape from the clutches of life’s whirlwinds. Summer is here people. Keep hydrated!

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  1. Nematambudziko!
    Yoh Malik sounds like a handful and he is only just one. Girl good luck! Hahaha but I bet you would never trade motherhood for anything right?

  2. Welcome back to your duty station,blogger! Good to see everything is well. My condolences for the one you lost. Also kudos on the breastfeeding. My girlfriend is doing the same and shes 3 months in. She does great, but man it looks like it takes a lot of energy from a lady. Lol. Great to see you back!

    1. Thank you Antony 🙂 Best believe breast feeding is an entire task on its own! Phew i envy you guys sometimes. But i wouldn’t trade that bond that i shared with my little one during breast feeding for anything in the world. Thanks for reading my blog!

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