My Perfect Imperfections

So my dentist caught me off guard with a rather offensive suggestion. “Why don’t we fill up that gap between your two front teeth?” He chimed. Whoa! He really went in ignorantly walked on them egg shells. The gap has been my biggest insecurity for over half of my life and I recently embraced it.

Now this man was coming at me sideways talking about filling my gap? When I was growing up I had meanies, who called out the gap and named me rabbit teeth. It was a real blow to my self-esteem as a child and a bit of my adulthood. I hardly smiled and every time I laughed I would cover my mouth with my hand. I have learnt to love my gap, its unique and beautiful. All these years trying to hide it, instead of showing it off. My son got the gap too and he is on a cute overload with it. Its people like me and Lara stone that have been blessed by this beautiful gap. Moses parted the red sea and God parted these teeth.

Lara Stone
Moving on to my colossal forehead, oh man, to all my high school mates who called me ‘ sunshine recorder’ there is a special place for you in hell. Hahaha! I spent years hiding this beautifully and fearfully made forehead in hats! If only I knew what I know now? I would have rocked it the way Rihanna taught me. Large foreheads are gorgeous, I am sure Riri, Tyra Banks and Angelina Jolie would agree with me. Here is a fun fact: Large foreheads give off a more youthful look because babies and children tend to have larger foreheads to face ratios. I love this space between my brows and edges. Luuuuuuurv it!

Finally my skinny ankles. Woo at some point in my life I believed that something was wrong with me. I actually thought I was abnormal! My wardrobe was all long skirts,dresses and pants. Gosh I have thee longest legs, I must, have skinny ankles or my legs would look like logs! I love them and they look sexy in strappy heels. Its crazy because I can’t wear long things anymore. Its all shorts, mini skirts and dresses: on ocassion long dresses and jeans. Tyra Banks knows us skinny ankled girls gotta flaunt it!

I really should have tried my hand with modeling. All our flaws, imperfections make us unique and beautiful. We are who we are because of confidence and the ability to embrace ourselves. My friend was complaining about stretch marks the other day. I told her she was a sexy tiger that had earned her stripes! We are beautiful in all of our shapes and sizes. Don’t let nobody body shame you/ tell you otherwise. Own it!

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  1. I think that so many people go for the cookie cutter approach that they risk having their individuality. How boring a world it would be.

    1. True that! We are all different individuals and accepting ourselves as we are is the key to being completely happy and content. The media can’t dictate us anymore!

  2. You’re right, this is a political issue. Natural faces are distinctive and unique – cosmetic faces are uniform and frankly slavish. Let’s cherish things being various …

  3. Interesting piece. For when you know who you are, you know you are beautiful, you know your worth, you dont need to be told & You have an identity. If people are going to love you let them love you for who you are not as a byproduct of who they want you to be. I liked this line: ” I told her she was a sexy tiger that had earned her stripes!”

  4. In Ghana, the gap in teeth is revered. It is called “egyire” in the Akan language and many love songs have been composed for its beauty. A woman with the gap is thought to have the best smile ever so some try to break into their teeth.

  5. ! And you don’t need to go around seeking validation from nobody because u are sure of yourself in a non conceited way.

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