Fitness Nightmare

For the past three months I have been leading quite an unhealthy lifestyle. I could say I have been possessed by the demon of binge eating. The levels of not giving a damn were ungodly. I carried on to stuff my face unashamedly without a care in the world. I have always relied on my fantastic metabolism to keep this body sexy and fire but sadly it has been letting me down.

That’s thing about breast feeding, the appetite is crazy the hunger pangs feels like life is seeping out of your body. I wake up in the dead of the night to devour left overs and first thing in the morning I am up in the fridge scrounging for food! I am like a rat always on the go thinking about the next thing to gorge my face into. The hunger is insatiable, wild and untameable! This other time I bought a double cheese burger and gobbled it up with two large bites. Two.Just two bites and that unhealthy heap of cholesterol was emulsifying in my gut. My oesophagus is big pimping because the rate of peristalsis is frequent and on Ferrari levels of speed. I am an ogre. 
So last Saturday I realised that most of my clothes do not fit anymore. I had to go to the lake wearing Hubby’s huge t -shirt and shorts,looking like a Teletubby. Like sponge Bob square woman. That is when I realised that I needed to do something, because this body was out of control. I looked at the mirror, this lady who stared back at me was a stranger. My gut spilling out from the tight ill fitting skirt. Ugh it was unsightly! Cutting down on food wasn’t going to be enough I knew I had work out as well. So I planed on my fitness program which began yesterday. This was not “operation dumbu must fall” from The Lamentations of a Milf. This was “operation bring my beach body back, have some dignity and stop behaving like a wilding you disgusting unruly swine!”

Yesterday 5am I was up clad in my jogging gear. The plan was to jog around the block about 400m. Then do the fitness exercises from a workout video. I was ready to bring sexy back but I was not ready for what happened next. I wasn’t even half way round the block when I felt my body shut down. I was by the road side panting like a dog clutching my chest thinking that I was having a heart attack. I didn’t care, I dropped on to my knees on someone’s front lawn. I laid there like road kill, my chest oh my chest. It felt like my lungs were a little village under siege from a pack of savages. Setting everything on fire and beheading the villagers. 10minutes later I did the walk of shame back home. I knew i was unfit but i didn’t think it was this bad!

I got home and tried to salvage of what was left of my dignity by doing the exercises from the work out video. The sit ups were a mess i had to use my elbows to get up. Tried planks, nevermind. Anyhoo, this morning i woke up my body was sore and taut. I can’t laugh, my thighs? Omg I can’t make sudden movements. I was googling about weight loss pills earlier on then i thought. Cmon! Has it really come to this? I have always been fit as a fiddle, doing them shuttles on the basketball with ease! So i have made my mind to push myself, i can do this! No pain no gain, right? This body is going down.
Determination and endurance are my friends. I am bringing sexy back! My lungs need to thug it out because it is on! So help me God. I can do this! Ok bye.

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  1. You can do this ?
    I have been planning to work out for, like, ever now. I just can’t I don’t know why. I don’t know what holds me back.
    Perhaps the fact that I am only free very early in the morning but then I hate waking up that early just so I could jog.
    A voice whispers in my ear “for who”?
    I tend to live that little voice. But I know the answer is supposed to be, “for me, for my heart, for my health, my lifespan, and all” but I like to answer with, “for nobody”.
    I wish I had a workout partner, that could motivate me. I think ?

    1. I know right! I have been going through the same exact thing. Like oh its too early for me to exercise st such a time or make excuses. But there comes a time when your body tells you to get up and do something. You should get a partner. Its motivating πŸ™‚ Here is to a healthy life!

  2. You got it!! I suck at exercising, like beyond suck. Do you drink soda? I was putting on a some weight and was getting to where I had to do the lay on the bed to button your pant kinda thing, the lunges to get them to go over my thighs lmfaoooo if you kno what I mean. BUT I cut out soda completely n dropped a lot of the flubbbbbb. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t fit by no means but my pants fit, that’s good enough for me lmfao.

    1. Lol, soda ya reckon? Omg I drink lots of it! I am?cutting?it?out! I get how you have to force yourself into clothes, absolutely awful. I am holding you on that soda thing!

      1. Do ittttt! Soda was all I drank for a minuteeee, now it’s nothing but water n propel. I dropped like 15lbs in a matter of weeks. I can’t stress how much I don’t work out lmfao. It ain’t for me.

        1. Yay, the future ain’t so bleak after all lmao. I hate working out too but I gotta bring sexy back. I can’t be going around looking like a Teletubby. I refuse! I hope cutting out soda works for me too.

  3. Omg I understand 100% the struggle of working out but author laughed reading this. It’s only because I know your pain. Have you ever tried counting calories? It still always for you to eat some of your favorite foods.

    1. Thank you I think I should do the calorie counting thing! I was beginning to feel like a rabbit with all this green I have been forcing myself to eat!

  4. Laughing at teletubby. I switched to Joggers and tee (all black) when I suddenly gained wt. from 45 to 60 kg. Haha, Love this article, would be relatable to many.

    1. 45-60? Whoa! The good thing about weight is you can always lose it, even if it means walking through the valley of shadow and death lol

  5. Keep it up girl! I am always one of those who will work out for a few weeks, and then go months with no exercise. Every time I try to get back on the saddle, I try to remind myself to ease into the workouts. Each day will get easier and easier!! You can do it too!!

  6. I know you’ve got this because you’re talking about it. Do you know how many people don’t even try? You should be extremely proud of yourself for having the dedication that you do. Fitness is not just a quick fix, it is a lifestyle and a journey. You will find that you can’t just change one area of your life but many areas to match your new lifestyle. I would suggest finding one activity that you like that you know you can be consistent with for a while and creating a goal to do it daily for 1 week. This can anything that gets you sweating a bit and your heart pumping. After that one week see how you feel and then go for 2 weeks. Then if you want, add in other things slowly. Sometimes we feel like we have to jump right on in with the ab crunches and weight lifting on day one. Do what makes you happy first and then move up. Maybe you and your husband can find something you both like together? Having an accountability partner is a great motivator and can bring you guys closer. All in all please do stuff you like and don’t be afraid to try new things! At the end of the day it starts with a mindset and you will be amazed years down the road where it will take you if you stay consistent even when you fall. Get up and go for it on the next day and you never lose πŸ™‚

  7. Keep it up! Once you get into the rhythm of things then it’ll start getting really easy to keep up with! You just gotta find the fitness related activities you love the most and stick with them!

  8. You can do this! I have been on an up and down fitness and health journey for years and I am finally learning and understanding what works best for my body. The most important thing I have learned is to simply find what you love to do. If you don’t like running and doing your workout videos, don’t feel like you have to do that. I promise you, there are other activities that will still make you feel good. Walk, bike, swim–anything that makes you excited! Working out can and should be fun πŸ™‚ I have fallen in love with yoga within the past year and THAT is what I call the perfect workout. Yoga gets your heart pounding, you feel strong and confident, and you are allowed to meditate and be peaceful all at the same time throughout your routine. It is the perfect balance for me. I do everything from YouTube; I don’t spend a dime on gym memberships or yoga classes. Home workouts are the best! I hope this helps and good luck!!

    1. oh wow, thank you so much…I thought yoga was more for relaxation than actual working out. I really should try it. We i finally got the hang of it and since i love dancing so much, i have been doing dance routines. It the highlight of my day, i thoroughly enjoy it! Its true that the things that you enjoy the most can help you pull through your fitness journey! I am slowly getting into shape, its the first time that is the hardest. I am taking you on on yoga!

      1. Yoga can vary in purpose from relaxation to de-stress to healing and building strength and getting fit πŸ™‚ I love it for that because I can tailor my routine every day to how I feel and there is a yoga routine for me! I promise you will love it πŸ™‚ it has really changed my life. I’m glad you enjoy dance! I took dance lessons for years when I was younger but stopped once I got to high school. Definitely a great way to stay active, though! Good luck with everything πŸ™‚

    1. thank you! and i finally got the hang of it! I am doing things i never imagined i could do…its all about baby steps as you slowly reach your goals. Thank you πŸ™‚

  9. Wow I can totally relate to this. I’m a nineteen year old who is in the beginning of my fitness journey. I started a blog to share my experiences and progress along the way! If your interested check it out!

    1. Thank you Gemma! They do! Make it look like its a walk in the park when it feels like you are walking throw the valley of shadow and death barefooted! lol

  10. It’s the first steps that are always the hardest after having some time away from training you’ll do just fine though I’m sure and at least you’ve got a good sense of humour to carry you through

    1. lol thank you. Well i finally got the hang of it, i can do 20 sit ups without breaking a sweat. Boo ya! First time is always the hardest, thank goodness i didn’t give!

    1. lol thank you so so much! Yes and i finally did it, i can finally work out without feeling like my lungs are on fire. The first time is always the hardest.

  11. Enjoyed reading your post! If you ever need help with you fitness journey check out my blog. Just started it but about to release tons of fitness information!

    1. Thank you :), i a glad you could relate! And yes, now i can work out without feeling like death. I finally got the hang of it. Phew!

  12. The pics are so great! I know what you mean about binge eating, there are days I want to gorge and don’t want to stop. I have to force my own hand!

  13. I’m new here and I just to drop a comment to say I like this post a lot and it is very well written and interesting. Thank you.

  14. Find someone or something to be accountable to and that is the key to success! True weight loss takes time so dont fall for any 30 day gimmicks πŸ™‚ You got this!

  15. You can do it! Starting over Is the hardest part. If you like raw green beans you can buy a bag of those and substitute them for those days when you just want something with a bit of a crunch. They’re full of fiber so it’ll help curb cravings.
    Loved the post and best of luck πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you for the tip Sandrilla, i will definitely get raw beans! I am getting the hang of it now, not so bad when i first started out lol

  16. I literally just wrote a post about this lol the thing is, you can’t beat yourself up about it. Just move onto the steps you know how and start anew

    1. Thank for that, i have realized that i enjoy dancing, so my work out routines involve a lot of dancing lol…so i can finally work out and enjoy too although i haven’t attempted jogging again!

  17. I just laughed so hard at the way you described everything!lol. We’ve all been there sometime before. Maybe ease back into things starting with nutrition and some light cardio with ankle weights? I’m discussing health and fitness tips over on! Good luck!

    1. Oh now I got the hang of it! I can do 50 sit ups without my lungs threatening to explode πŸ™‚ It’s the first days that hurt the most!

  18. Great post. Been there and collapsed after lol! If you have been doing this for awhile then you know it gets better. But the first few exercise attempts will always be memorable!

  19. Just saw this post but love how real you are! I hope you’ve been able to stick with it! Just get over those past couple of weeks and it gets better. Consistency matters far more than how hard you work.

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