I have never been a pet person, I hate dogs,cats…I am just not an animal lover. My dad had this German Shepard that annoyed the heck out of me, flabbing its tongue all over the place leaving a trail of bionic germs, rabies, zombitis virus and fast pacing us to the zombie apocalypse! But this kind of changed this year when we moved to a new place which actually allowed pets.
The first week that we moved, hubby did not waste time despite the fact that I had made it more than clear that dogs were a NO. He came in one night holding a Jack Russell. ” Hey babe meet Max” he grinned at me. What was that thing? Why didn’t he run this by me before getting this thing? What the?!! Did he jus put that thing on my precious couch?! Oh hell no! 


” no, babe no..take that thing off my couch.  Take it outside!” I heaved at him. “But its cold, and look at him he is so adorable and he is a trained dog.” He tried to coax his way out with that thing. ” Don’t care , a baby and a dog can not co-exist under the same roof. And look is this fur on my couch? Omg take👏it👏out!👏” This was only five minutes to meeting this dog and I couldn’t even stand it. The poor man took out a box and and padded it with blankets for Max to sleep in. 
A week later Max had grown on me. I fell in love with this little dog. He was so well behaved so I let him in the house although he preferred to be outside. So okay, pets weren’t so bad after all. Jus when I was adjusting to having Max around. Hubby came in one night holding a black Lebrador pup, ” babe meet Leo” he said excitedly. This man was really trying me. He was stretching it.” He is only 3weeks old so we need to give him some of Malik’s formula” he continued. Jesus of Nazareth. I looked at him long and hard. Am I the only person listening to this? AM I THE ONLY PERSON LISTENING TO THIS? ” Come again?” I said menacingly but quietly. You see I was in the bedroom trying to put Malik to sleep. He placed the pup on the bed and it raised its right hind leg and a golden fluid sprayed out all over Malik. Its a miracle that this man is alive today. The man knew he had lost this one, I was screaming while I removed the bedding Malik’s clothes, blankets and all. 

It was a rocky week with hubby trying to contain Leo. The problem with Leo is that he pooped everywhere and anywhere. On the couch, the patio, front lawn, the other time he christened my kitchen with one that smelled like death itself. Leo chewed and tore 3 pairs of my favourite pumps, pulled clothes from the washing line and gnawed at my cushions. In that week I put out adverts 
A four week old black Lebrador for sell. Very very CHEAP and NEGOTIABLE
Leo was an absolute nightmare! No offers to buy the dog came out not even an enquiry. Its seems we were stuck with this hellspawn. A month passed by and surprisingly Leo had also grown on me too. Despite his faults he was an affectionate dog and had this great sense of humour. He would balance himself on his hind legs and do a little dance. A trick he was taught by his older brother Max. He was also a gorgeous dog, the black shinny coat, athletic body and box roguish face. If he was human he would be Trey Songz. He also kicked it off with Max which I thought was absolutely cute.They had the Timon and Pumba thing going on. So Leo stayed.
Max and Leo

When Leo came as a pup he was the same size as Max but 7 months later he is almost five times bigger than him. He is a big adorable dog. So yesterday while I was preparing to go work, the little boy from next door came running into the house he was screaming ” Your dog has been hit by a car!!” Oh no, is it Max or Leo? My mind was racing as I ran outside I looked at Leo. It was a heart wrenching sight. His eyeball had popped out hanging dangerously by a tendril. There was a gruesome gush at the side of his mouth tearing across his face. Blood trickling from his mouth. He was laying on the front lawn whimpering in pain. Oh Leo what happened? Who did this to you? It was a horrific sight.
” Who did this?” I asked him almost shaking the little boy. My heart was pounding in my throat. It was a hit and run, the jerk who hit my dog fled the scene like the devil he was. The housekeeper forgot to lock the gate, I wanted to strangle her but it was an honest mistake. I let it go and attended to Leo. It was really bad. I cleaned the gush with warm saline water and wrapped a bandage as best as I could. I popped a couple of pain killers in his drinking water. Telling the man was the next difficult thing. He loved his dogs. I would tease him with accusations that he loved his dogs more than Malik. The phone rang twice ” Leo has been hit by a car” I said in a shaky voice trying my best not cry. ” How bad is it?” He was surprisingly calm. ” its terrible” I was sobbing now. Click, the man hung up.

We rushed Leo to the veterinary shortly afterwards. Today he is going under surgery. His left eye is going to be removed, so he is going to be that one eyed dog. Which is pretty badass if you ask me. His face has been stitched up. So we wait and pray that the surgery goes well and that he recovers smoothly. Its been a trying time for our family even Max has be going about with his head hung. I am inviting you to pray for our Leo too. Extend your prayers to this wonderful dog and an important member of our family. #Pray4Leo

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  1. Praying for Leo and your family as well! I have been through traumatic accidents with pets it is very sad. It is heartbreaking to find a pet who is wounded and in pain!
    Blessings and prayers for your family. Carmela

  2. aw, sorry that happened. :'( didn’t expect the story to end like that, seemed like it was gonna be one of those “lol” stories ?
    I don’t have the decency to look after myself proper, much less a dog. i’d be clapping ‘put?it?out’ too! ??

    1. Lol I am amazed at myself I never thought there will ever be a day that my heart would actually go out for a dog! But here I am, surprise surprise!

  3. Wow, what a story. I’m amazed how resilient our pets can be, but I’ve lost cats to hit-and-run drivers when I was a child. We don’t have pets right now but I think we are probably going to get a dog soon. I hope he does heal up soon. I think pets bear scars with great dignity, maybe better than humans do.

    1. True that, there is something victorious about animals and scars. A story about survival and over coming. When you get your dog take great care of it. Dogs are amazing. Sorry about your cats though

  4. Praying for Leo!!! I myself got a rescue dog, who I call my tall dachshund, his name is Levi!! He fell off the bed a few months bad and hurt his back. I took him to the vet and he is fully recovered, but that moment when I heard him whimper in pain. . . . . .he is my fur baby!! I totally understand, please keep me posted.

    1. awwww good for your Levi to have such a loving and caring owner! Leo’s surgery was a success, now on the road to recovery. He will discharged next Friday and we can finally have him home. Thank you so much!

  5. I just read this, and it absolutely broke my heart. I have two dogs and I hate using the word dogs so I call them my kids. I hope things turned out well. I’m sorry this happened to you and Leo. I can’t even imagine. I don’t know what I would do if I were to go through that. I am in rage that someone would run. I could strangle them. I couldn’t stop crying. Leo will be in my thoughts tonight for sureโค๏ธ??

    1. Awww, leo recovered well and he has one eye but he is back to his jolly usual self. It was a difficult time but hey, we made it through! Hope your kids are well lol

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