The fruit of my womb

The core of my being

To name you a king, is all that could be

To love endlessly without inhibition


Blood of my blood. An extension of myself

You reign on this throne to king in this life

The mother queen to raise a man of valor

A man chastised by the very hand of God

A commanding presence sided with gentle reprieve

Victory made flesh to light the world

Malik to a fulfilled destiny of longevity of breath

Malik to abundant, unending joy, success and health

Malik my sensei to the stairway of motherhood

Malik the King that will reign to glory, adored by many. Loved by all

I love you son.

Your biggest fan. Queen mother

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  1. hello Maka, I wrote a guest post for you about two weeks ago and I can’t even seem to find your email address, could you please send it to me? Thanks

  2. You are a great writter Makaitah, and your son is the luckiest little cutie baby having the most charming and intelligent mother to protect, love and guide him.

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