24 Hours of Reckoning

The wind buffeted with gusto against Davidzo’s face. The rain washed away the tears that gushed out from her eyes. The pain eminated from the core of her soul, searing her heart into delicate slices of venison. The forest was alive, branches cast shadows under the streaks of lightning. Giving an illusion of an extended limb. A scrawny twig translated into an arm of a hag. The swaying of the trees, the whispers of the dark night. Caught in this storm, Davidzo cared about nothing except finding her little girl.
Ragael conjured the storm with perfect meticulous sequence, timing the lightning at 8 minute intervals and enough amplified thunder to trigger a sense of consternation. He smiled inwardly marvelling at his creation. Ragael had a flare for drama. Every mission he was set out to do was heavily accesorized with his obsession to manipulate nature. A dark overcast was his trademark along with a bellowing winds. On occassion a monsoon or tornado would be his opening act.Sometimes he loved to throw a full moon and howling hounds. He loved riding the wind, gliding like an eagle before his wings neatly tucked behind his back as his feet touched the ground. Gravity felt sensational, it was one of earth’s greatest gifts. The magnetic pull was seductive, inviting, and forceful. These earthly visits ignited a fire in him. Gave him a sense of purpose. Today his relevance was going to be rembered till eternity
Baby Tayedza slept soundly in spite of the deafening thunder that shook the windows with its vibrations. Davidzo nervously peeked outside from the kitchen window. The night had been calm, clear night sky littered with glittering gems and a blossomed moon.Within an eye-bat the night was raging in a violent temper and the sky zig zagged with high voltage lightning. Davidzo switched off the television and quietly listened to the storm. She picked an eerie aura and instinctively sprung to her feet to check on baby Tayedzwa.Rays of white light escaped from beneath the door as she approached her bedroom. Her heart went erractic as she burst into the room and clutched her chest in horror.
He towered over her, majestically endearing and exuding omnipotence. His face glowed Illuminating the room in white ambience. Davidzo stood there like a mannequin with a permanent grotesque expression on her face. Ragael looked at Davidzo before he casually picked the baby and strode past her. Davidzo could not move, she tried to scream but she could not find her voice, she stood there as he walked away with her baby. Paralysed and unable to move. She heard the front door creak on its hinges and then the banging sound of a slammed door. For what felt like an eternity she finally moved startling herself as if she was struggling to wake from an inceptive dream. She ran outside, heart pounding against her chest, head reeling in bufflement and brazened in confusion. Davidzo headed into the forest screaming for her child.
Ragael had been seen although he was aware of the strict angelic commandment of discrete maneuver and disguise for all mortal visitations. He had broken all the eternal laws and including one of the most important angelic commandment. His angelic form was not be exposed to the human eye. He had been sloppy, too wrapped in his own fog of arrogance to pay attention to the primary commandment of order. He had paralysed her but the he could not shrug off the look of horror on her face. It was not awe nor admiration. It was horror. He looked at the child, an abomination that would tilt the earth into a disharmonious world, the offspring of a hellspawn. This little bundle of adorableness could unhinged an entire planet to unfathomable agony. The son of the first Adam.

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