Fallen Chapter 14

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 13

Dzidzai was awakened by the pounding of her head and nimbly touched the back of her head were Rambai had hit her with a foot stool. The wound was healing, she felt the hard scab of blood clot and opened her eyes only to shut them in reflex reaction to the sunlight. She was wet from the morning dew and the rushing sound of the river somehow felt soothing. She laid there uncomfortably listening to the sounds of her surroundings. Dzidzai found the main road along with other weary looking people who appeared to have spent the night in the same forest. There was pandemonium and havoc in the city, looting was not left for the hobos only but decent looking citizens were also raiding stores. The streets were filled with rowdy hooligans that harassed people who had scored valuable bounty. It was a case of survival of the fittest, the buff and grim men took from the weaklings especially women. It was a mass of chaotic disaster. Dzidzai walked along First Street barefoot until she came across a Bata shore store where she spotted a comfortable looking pair of trainers. She forced herself through tightly packed and disorderly crowd and snatched the trainers from a teenage boy who had reached to them before her. She crawled her way out into the street before he could go after her. The trainers were slightly oversized but suited her just fine with a tight lace up.

Rambai had awakened his kids at 4am, he had hardly slept, deeply and thoroughly meditating on a course of action to seek asylum. The place that he had called home for a decade was now dangerous and spine chilling after the recent events. “We need to get out of here fast” he spoke in a quiet voice. Dazed Rugare and Maidei understood and nodded their heads in agreement. They promptly packed hand luggage and waited outside for Rugare who was paying his last respects to Tasha. He put an untidy bunch of daises on the blanket that covered her corpse that he had hastily picked from the front yard. “I am so sorry my love. It is all my fault” he said regrettably in a doleful tone. His strategy was to walk to his parents’ house in Queensdale, he made rough estimations to arrive there by midday. By the time the sun came up they had passed Braeside near approaching Queensdale. The neighbourhood was surprisingly quiet, calm, unmoved and untouched by the recent occurrence of mayhem. At 10am they arrived, Rambai always had an extra key to his parent’s house so they naturally let themselves in. The house was empty, “they have ascended. Grandma and grandpa are gone” Rugare echoed their thoughts and almost sounding envious. “Yes they are gone” Rambai confirmed after noticing that the house had been locked from inside but it was empty. He was glad for his parents, they were such good folks and they had deservingly gone to where they belonged. Maidei had not uttered a single word since witnessing Tashamiswa’s cold blooded murder. She was too traumatised to talk.

Dzidzai wandered in the city aimlessly for hours, profoundly fascinated by the disorganisation and upheaval of everything around her. She was an odd sight, literally looking like a mad woman. Her heavy makeup from the previous day was all smudged up that her face looked like a 3 year old’s painting canvas. Still wearing her cocktail dress which was now torn in hundred different places, along with the trainers and messy dreadlocks, she was a ridiculous sight. Dzidzai found an empty bachelors apartment by 8th avenue and immediately took refuge in it by locking herself inside. The apartment was modestly furnished with a touch of OCD and she smiled inwardly loving her new cocoon.

The tremors began at 2 am. It was like the earth had shuddered to the frivolity occurrence of disaster. It was the earth’s womb that had reached its full term, groaning in labour pains, contractions toppling each other. The earth violently shook, the quake had the whole world fully awake at 3 am replenishing another dosage of terror. The foundations cracked forming gulfs and gorges that would be the birth canal of horrors unspeakable. The roar was deafening, followed by high screeching sounds and bass vibrations of the earth. The noise was unbearably horrific, the echoes reverberated for two minutes long before another string of cymbals followed. The birth of the dragon, made flesh in ugliness entirety inside and out. It brought with it misery, unfathomable pain and grief, but most importantly it had antagonistically brought some sort of order. The demons fell in a frenzy of a possession purge, jumping into bodies of unsuspecting persons mobilizing the Veto police force that will enforce the dragons new world order. It was a whole new world hanging on the axis of doom and robust evil.

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