Fallen: Chapter 13

A continuation from Fallen: Chapter 12

Lucifer tried over and over again to harm Adam but he could not break the dimensional barrier that was between them. He tried getting in his head as a thought or a feeling but he was set up for failure. He spent hours standing beside him shouting in his ears but he could not hear him neither could he see him. He was a magnificent creation indeed, a freak of nature, invincible and immaculately pure. The earth had transformed into paradise, they had hidden in the deep darkness of the oceans as the plates shifted, separating water from earth. None of them had dare to suffice just to catch a glimpse of what was transpiring. They had felt him hovering upon the face of the waters and his presence was too strong that they could not endure the glory that radiated from him. They had taken refuge at the bottom of the ocean and its darkness standing as a symbolic veil of their ignorance.

When light had illuminated and broke the darkness of the ocean, for the first time in a long time they could see themselves, it was a gift not only for the eyes but the redemption of perception which they thought they had lost forever. They had come out of the water out of curiosity hoping that it was the beginning of their retribution. Instead it was the beginning of mankind and they faced even worse conditions of imprisonment. They were made to face the source of their downfall, made powerless, inferior and irrelevant. They saw how beautifully earth had been made for man’s enjoyment, yes they were reduced to specks of nothing. They had tapped into eternal torment without the promise of grace.

The disparaging humiliation ultimately unravelled with the creation of Eve. A gorgeous human being, graceful, fairer and gentle. She was his companion who would sit by his side to lavish in earths’ goodness. He had tried talking to Eve but she was made just as powerful as Adam. He had brooded for a while unable to touch or partake of what aboundly was given to mankind. He could no feel the grass, taste the delicious looking fruits or even the warmth of the sun. The animals were different, moronic and soulless but they were in a better far much better place than them. The eureka moment came when he accidentally possessed a hyena, he had let out a cackle, for the first time he felt the wind, the sun and the smooth taste of spring water. After that he had possessed an eagle and flew over the Garden of Eden before he finally perched on a nearby tree were he watched Adam and Eve walk happily hand in hand gazing at the splendour of their world. He seethed with jealousy and bitterness. The following day he had assessed that Adams weakness was Eve so he possessed a serpent taking advantage of its stealth to approach her. That is the day that he marked his own apocalyptic doom and that of mankind.

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  1. Your writing skill are taking a left turn in this chapter, where did you lose your punch lines, you action lines and those wonderful dialogues. I guess you will update this one otherwsie it will fall flat .. in the fourth chapter only …
    i am your well wisher

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