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The mantra is live life to the fullest! To live means fulfilling your dream, desires and taking every moment as it comes. The upsetting truth is that everyone dies but not everyone lives. On my funeral I want people to celebrate my life and my eulogy would be “She truly lived” In my young life I have done the craziest most daring things. I have a looong list of escapades that will leave your jaw on the floor. If I die today my eulogy would be “I doubt if she is really dead, that coffin moved man that coffin moved!” Because I am still here to fulfil my bucket list before I kick it.
So today I thought, hey how about a bucket list to feel the purpose of this beautiful life! Although I have already ticked off more than half of things on my bucket list, I made a new one. Here it is!

To Run My Fingers on Trey Songz’ Abs
This had to make top of the list (excuse me dear hubby, but allow) What is life if you haven’t brushed your fingers on those contours?? The day shall come Trey. It shall come.

Spend a Night in a Haunted House

If you haven’t read my blog Gogo Next Door then you should check it out because I plan to go back there and spend the night in that house. This is crazy and I am scared to death but its about feeling alive right? Let’s get this adrenalin pumping!

White Water Rafting in the Zambezi River

The water slapping my face, struggling to flow with the current, my heart beating and threatening to leap out of my mouth! Yes yes yes! This is what I am talking about. I want to fall of the raft and fight with the river, hold on to a protruding boulder and scream “help! Heeeelp me” It is on Zambezi river!

Take A Picture with A Tiger

That man right there? is the goon, my hero and inspiration. Picture with a non tranquilized tiger, untamed wild and ferocious tiger. Not a tiger in cage or on a leash. I want to sit like a boss, crossed leg, maybe a cigar hanging from my lips, the beast wrapped around my feet while I pat its head. The kitty purring and nuzzling my leg with affection and not hunger.Yup. That tiger looks photoshopped though.

Bungee Jumping

The feeling of free falling from a great height all the while, your entire life flashing right before you. This must the best high ever. I am craving for this. I want to scream my lungs out and ask Jesus to forgive all my sins as I plummet dangerously.

Try to make a Buckingham Palace Guard laugh out Loud.

I don’t how to do this, I would have to literally pull out a monkey from my butt for this one. But breaking the stoicism of one of one of these guards would really make life worth living!

Sleep on Nicki Minaj’s Bum

This is real to me as your breath steaming the screens of your gadgets as you laugh at this ridiculousness. I really want to rest my head on her bum and make a silent prayer that she doesn’t break the wind. ?????? I am serious. I want to sleep on those pillows and dream of a velvet night sky and fireflies.

Take My Family to all 4 Disney Parks

The Fantastic 3 to Disneyland! There is no other awesome way to manufacture some great memories than Disneyland with family.

Hold A Snake

This is a long shot because I can not stand snakes! Those slithering reptiles makes my skin crawl. To overcome my fear of snakes I Neeed to hold one with my own bare hands *sobs* after a couple of tequila shots. I am not very eager about this one but I have to do it to be bona fide fearless.

Road Trip in the SADC Region

This will be a couples thing! Travel and experience the diversity of African countries. Hoping that we don’t make a ‘ wrong turn’ and be devoured by supernatural creatures or pick a hitch hiker who will murders us all. I know there will be a lot of fun and bonding too.

Nude Racing

Oh yeah. Running nude in the streets, my double D’s bouncing up and down with not a single care in the world. This kind of liberty is empowering. Its on!

This is what I can think of from the top of my head. Bear in mind this list is subject to change as I discover more wonderful things to conquer. Do you have a bucket list. What is the craziest feat on your list? Please share I could use some fresh ideas and inspiration!

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  1. Road trip is on my bucket list as well . Only I have one item on it.
    Quite an interesting bucket list there. I would like to stick around and see you live them all out ?

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I’ve read a few of your posts and find your writing to be excellent. As far as the craziest item on my list? Sky diving and bungie jumping are out for me. Nude racing would be fun, but would be frowned upon by my neighbors. I’ve held a ball python, so snakes are out. As a guitar player, I’d like to play in a massive stadium. That would rock!


    1. Thank you Rob for visiting my blog, this new site has been some sort of eer ghost town lol, I really appreciate! . I need to update my list,I finally held a snake, i will never do it again. I wouldn’t call it nude racing but i did that after one drunken night and a bit of peer pressure hahaha You never know, one day you might string that guitar for the entire world

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