Fallen: Chapter 12

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 11

Dzidzai and Rambai arrived home in total silence. Rugare had spotted them as they approached the house from down the street. He was surprised to see his mother but mostly by her scandalous dress and heavy make-up. “Mum,” he said boring into her eyes, searching for a glimpse of light and hoping that the apocalypse might have brought with it his mother’s sanity. To his disappointment, she was still in blank stare mode, she passed him without even looking at him and headed straight to her bedroom slamming the door behind her. Rambai beamed at his son, he was the highlight of this portentous day. Father and son embraced each other both holding back tears. “How did you get back from South Africa mid semester? You never called.” Rambai inquired “I took the first plane after receiving a rather strange phone call from mum, dad, she has never called me before, I was even more perturbed by how she had my number” he responded. But he knew that there were other more disturbing things to worry about, besides his mother’s delirium. Maidei had fallen asleep on the couch, Rambai looked at her envious of the serenity she was enjoying contrary to the dreadfulness that surrounded them. Night fell and they sat a in candle lit living room, Rugare wondered if the absence of electricity was the detrimental effects of the world falling apart or third world country problems of electricity load shedding.

Maidei was startled in her sleep by the incessant banging of the front door. Rambai and Rugare exchanged looks of unspoken fear. “Rambai open the door it’s me!!” Tashamiswa hysterically screamed from outside. He opened the door for her and she clung to him sobbing uncontrollably. “Are ok?” he asked. She responded with a nod. Rugare and Maidei looked on in awkward silence. “Hello Miss Tasha” they said in unison. Tashamiswa was on mute but she managed to conjure a weak smile at them. Rambai brought a glass of water for her as they settled on a nearby couch. Tashamiswa narrated her story from Dzidzai’s attempted kidnap, Zarah’s mystical disappearance, the news report to her journey from Avondale west to Hillside. They all listened to her intently, slowly digesting the news of their current situation. Rambai started pacing up and down. All his life he had been a devout Christian until his wife’s debut of madness which shook his faith until he lost its grasps. He had lost sight of who he was and no longer believed in an omnipotent higher power but the designs of fate. Trusting destiny to take him wherever he was intended. The events of that day were like a reincarnation of a previous life perpetuated by scriptures that he had mediated on for more than half of his life. “This cannot be happening” he muttered to himself. Rugare’s knowledge of the scriptures was solely from his own personal research, in hopes to find a moral compass for his homosexuality. He had given up and letting the course of his nature dominate. But today had been like a mirage to him, clear but unreal. Maidei could closely relate from television education and was suspecting that it was the zombie apocalypse. She had been quietly stewing, toying with the possibility that her mother could be patient zero. Dzidzai heard Tashamiswa screaming outside, she had stood in the shadows unseen listening on as Tashamiswa narrated her story. She went back to her room, sat on the bed and slowly caressed the sharp edges of her dagger with a grotesque smile. It was an opportune time to kill two love birds with one dagger.

Rambai cleared his throat and licked his lips nervously, he sat on the couch with Tashamiswa opposite his two children. “So, I guess you have been wondering why I am so cosy with Tasha, you see the –‘’ Rugare immediately cut him off “yeah we know dad, we know don’t worry yourself” Rambai was taken aback by his son’s interjection “oh ok” he said more relieved than ever and free from the awkwardness of explaining his long term affair with Tasha to his children. Maidei giggled “we understand dad, we really do” she said sincerely. He appreciated his children’s heartfelt sentiments and wished he had told them earlier on. The hide and seek game had mentally worn him out. The four of them sat quietly in the semi darkness, each one lost in thoughts then suddenly electricity lit the room making it come alive. Maidei let out a flaky haunting scream while pointing a shaky finger at Tashamiswa. It was too late, Dzidzai emerged from behind the couch and sank the dagger in Tashamiswa’s neck before stabbing her in the head repeatedly. Rambai sprung from the couch grabbed a foot stool and knocked Dzidzai on the head with it and she crumpled on the floor knocked out cold. Maidei kept screaming clutching her chest in horror. This was all too much for Rugare who felt an acute overwhelming panic attack rising from the pits of his stomach and fell on all fours, with a loud wrenching sound he puked all over the carpet. Rambai rushed to Tashamiswa and knelt by her side cradling her head in his hands. ‘’Tasha?! Tasha? Tasha?!” he cried. Blood gushed profusely from her neck, eyes glazed, cold and staring at the ceiling. Maidei could not move an inch, she stayed glued on the couch bawling her eyes out.

Rambai rose in a deranged fury, grabbing the bloody dagger from the floor, with his free hand he lifted the couch and tossed it at the other side of the room. To his amazement Dzidzai was gone, she was no longer laying on the floor where he had left her and his eyes darted across the room. “Dzidzai! Why?!! Why?!!” he yelled his eyes streaming with tears. Maidei and Rugare were equally in astonishment as well and they never realised that their mother’s delirium could possibly harbour murderous thoughts. They had underestimated and miscalculated the depth of her direful mental quo. Rambai ransacked the house, screaming her name breaking and throwing furniture at the wall. She was gone. Rambai had knocked her down pretty badly with a wooden stool and how she managed to recover from such a blow and escape was a mystery. Rugare and Maidei locked themselves in the guestroom afraid their mother would come back and hack them all unawares. The network was still down they were isolated from the world without any outside connections, Rambai had covered Tashamiswa’s dead body with a blanket, he was nauseated by the blood and gore that was all over the Livingroom floor, walls and furniture. The world was closing in on him, he never thought that such devastation could happen in a day. He was too exhausted to look for Dzidzai, his rage of vengeance had simmered only replaced by unbearable grief. He eventually fell asleep towards dawn on the reclining seat in his bedroom with dagger still in hand just in case Dzidzai would reappear.

Dzidzai had fled the scene when everybody was distracted while focusing on Tashamiswa. It did not go as planned but the elated feeling of stabbing Tashamiswa to death was more than satisfying, it was glorious and to her mission was accomplished. She ran in the darkness of the night, tripping and falling only to get up and resume running. She felt giddy from the blow that she had sustained but that did not stop her. She had broken through the thicket of a nearby forest that hosted the Mukuvisi River, she collapsed on the wet grass near the riverbank and slipped into a deep sleep.

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