Fallen: Chapter 11

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 10

Rambai tried to carry unconscious Dzidzai, he staggered for a couple of meters under her weight and gently put her down on the road side. He was angry at his psychotic wife, he shook his head contemplating on leaving her. She was extra dead weight that he didn’t need, just as he was about to abandon her on the road side he was stopped mid track by Dzidzai’s whimper “please don’t leave me.” He gazed at her, she was emanating vulnerability and fragility that deeply moved him and triggered the fact that she was not only a psychotic kidnapper but also the mother of his two children and wife of 20 years. Dutifully without a word he helped her: supporting her with his arm around her waist. Wife and husband trudged slowly weaving through the crowd of people until they made it to the outskirts of the city at 7th street where there were less people and Dzidzai could finally walk by herself. She had regained her composure and looked more clear headed than ever. Rambai took a quick glance at his wife, for his life she didn’t look crazy at all, he noticed how she gracefully swooped a handful of dreadlocks from her face and neatly placed them behind her shoulder with perfect, practiced demeanour. He had ceased paying attention to her long before Maidei started high school. He had given up on trying to breach the mental walls that fortified her from the rest of the world. But now he was amused by her, despite her mental battles she had evolved in to this stranger and he was curious to know this person. He had so many unanswered questions, like how the hell did she know about Zarah? For how long had she known about this? Why was she trying to kidnap her and most importantly how did she even find her? He played with thought that maybe this woman had been feigning psychosis for all these years and secretly stalking him? He shuddered at the thought.
Tashamiswa had walked sobbing all the way from the Avondale west to Parirenyatwa Hospital. She cried for her daughter, her mother and self-pity by virtue that her life had come to this, a lonely mistress walking to her lover’s marital home for refuge. The hospital was a baneful disaster, Tashamiswa had stood at other side of the road in apprehension of the activities and chaos before her. Sirens rang from all angles, injured men and women limping in zombie like manner queuing for assistance, she had not realised that whatever was happening was on this level of tragic calamity. Diagonally across the intersection of the hospital there was a group of people who were focused on something she could not see, she crossed the road to find out only to realise people huddled together listening to small portable radio. She moved closer so she could listen too.

We are all confused by what is happening, reports have come in saying this is the end of the world, the beginning of Armageddon the supernatural cloud of human beings that we witnesses floating in the sky is what is known as the Rapture. To be accurate according to Professor Hunda a Theologist from the University of Zimbabwe these people were exactly 144 000 in numbers. Another report coming in saying all children below the age of twelve years were part of these people who have disappeared. If you are missing a family member, colleague or a friend we advise you to stay calm as difficult as that may sound. There are three possible explanations, 1. They could be part of the 144K 2. They are alive and well, probably stranded due to traffic pile up. 3. They are possibly dead so far 17 000 road accidents have been recorded in this country alone. BBC news station has reportedly announced the crushing of 18 aeroplanes across the world in the past 3 hours. We advise everyone to stay indoors in the meantime, offices, classrooms, hotels and restaurant whatever the case maybe.”

Tashamiswa commenced with her journey, passing abandoned cars, a couple of degenerate hobos who were looting a grocery store and an elderly woman who laid face down on the opposite pavement appearing to be dead. She shivered and walked faster, at this moment she had never been so glad at the fact that Rambai lived so close to the town. Hillside suburb was approximately 5 mins away from the city by car and with an estimated guess she figured she would be with her lover in 30mins of brisk walking.

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