My Delicious Struggle Meal

You know what makes an awesome mum and wife? A woman who can whip a meal out of anything. On this particular Sunday afternoon I had to show my powers as my womanhood was greatly tested by my almost empty pantry. The empty shelves mocked me to the core.
Now what to cook for lunch? I spotted a can of corned beef and a box of pasta. Here we go! So I cooked the pasta to perfection, not over cooked and soggy. Sliced the the corned beef neatly and fried it with a teaspoon of olive oil. Okay.Now for the sauce, it had to be good I couldn’t afford to ruin the peferct  pasta with ugly tasting sauce. Bing! Light bulb moment. I took Pro-brand beef cooking  aid and slow boiled it on very low heat. Threw in some black pepper and garlic powder. I let it simmer for a minute.
 Now for the salad. Bing! You guessed it.I went out side and picked Covo leaves and green tomatoes. Hubby is quite the gardner. Bless him because his little garden was saving our lives. So I sliced the green tomatoes, onion rings and chopped the covo leaves. Right, mixed it all in a bowl plus two tablespoons of brown sugar. Then I steamed the vegetables for a minute or two. Note, i have never done this before. This experiment came out better than I thought. Some yummy sweet and sour citrus salad. So let’s call my wonderful invention the sweet n’ sour rogue salad. And a plate was made. Pardon the portion, I like to keep my man well fed 🙂 Bon Appètit!

Now what’s a meal without  dessert? So the struggle meal was served and some fruity grape jelly to go with it!

There, i worked my magic. If this was a Hunger Games, cookout simulation for the zombie apocalypse i was going to be the one man standing. LOL. Nothing compares to compliments to the chef than an empty plate. 

Grocery shopping is inorder.
I would lover to hear about your struggle meals too. When you had to make a hearty meal from the meangres of your cupboards! Let me know.

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  1. Looking amazing.. Most of my cooking is guess work as well but they come out great. I’m really lucky cos when I started learning I was too broke for data and it was for my boyfriend so didn’t want my mum asking too many questions so didn’t ask her. Anyways I’m way beta now and you should try hot dogs with butter, cucumber, green pepper, seasoning cube, red pepper, carrot and onions lol.. That remains my all time favorite. Served with rice or pasta

      1. Lol yes very easy. You’ll be done in 5 minutes. It’s a sauce.
        umm for the name I’ll like something dramatic but cant figure something out.. Help me??

  2. we have some leftover shredded seasoned chicken from taco night. I think I’ll slice some of the leftover onion into rings, and do barbecue chicken sandwiches. Should I bread and fry, or serve the onion as sandwich dressing/topping?

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