Fallen: Chapter 10

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 9

The post-apocalyptic mayhem had taken over the city of Harare with the most severity, intensity and disadvantageous degree. Zimbabwe being a third world country had suffered the least favourable outcome. The mass disappearance of people had left gaps and loopholes everywhere, which led to looting and vandalism of property. Everything in the world was at a standstill, banks had been closed, shops and service providers such as the water council, garbage collectors and network providers. A revolting stench hung in the air, a stench of bodily waste, mixed with rotting corpses, the after math of tear gas, clogged sewers and rubbish. The world had become a dreadful, cataclysmal and disorderly place with no leadership structure or governance. Barbarity had possessed the Zimbabweans who slaughtered each other over money and trivial things like house appliances looted from furniture stores. A woman lay dead at the entrance of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe after a stampede of people had trampled her to death. A few bloody crispy notes of money strewn on the floor were what were left as far as banking was concerned. Foodstuff had almost run out after 2years of devastating and disastrous apocalypticism.

In the year 2020 a new world order was introduced by America. It eradicated the monetary system dwindling the aggressive capitalist environment to a form of socialism via inauguration of religious solidarity. The new order globalised the world into a single society that differed from the earlier capitalist world, narrowing the gulf between the rich and the poor causing a decline in the vitality of smaller countries. There was a rapid plague of dechristianisation enforced by the use of both intellectual and physical power to compel and restrain humanity into the new world order. Money had lost its value and had become mere paper, replaced by the microchip system. These microchips were unique to each individual just like fingerprints and they were implanted in the inner wrist of persons (a minor surgical procedure) who publicly denounced their Christendom. These microchips had the power to access anything, from basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter to extravagances such ass jewellery, fancy cars and luxurious homes. One could walk in any retail outlet and take anything regardless of quantity as long as one had this implant. The microchip stored information in a non-volatile memory, information relative to the individual such as age, name, contact details and sex. This microchip also had radio-frequency identification for tracking and keeping a centralised record of people. A hand held wireless scanner was used at the point of sale to scan, validate and verify the chip. The scanner transmitted an encoded radio signal to interrogate the chip and then respond with its identification and other information. This system contained high levels of security: data could be encrypted; password protected or set to include a kill feature to remove data permanently.

There were agents who were put in place to regulate the new global village, known as the Veto police. These were stoic, robot like officers who used the yes or no logic to enforce the law. They were merciless, cold and dangerous. The Veto police hunted and tortured those who refused to denounce their Christianity. The insertion of the microchip translated to unimaginable wealth, luxury and also a pledge of allegiance to the dragon. It was a dark era for millions of Christians who were on the brink of death due to starvation. Millions as well had succumbed to the allures of the dragon for a slice of bread, a sip of water and a good decent shower. Every neighbourhood had a guillotine centre for those who refused the chip and its connotations. They were put on a 30-day death row, in those 30 days they were tortured, tricked and persuaded to convert to the dragon laws and custom. Most of these people had died before these 30 days were over, due to the excessive brutal torture, starvation and the inhumane living conditions of the waiting cells. Most Christians were living the outlaw life, in hiding, stealing food for survival and living in dilapidated deserted buildings.

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  1. Well this is a rare beauty of thoughts wrapped in decent language. would you oblige me, whenever free to edit my stories ? You are an amazing author .

    1. I am beginning to think that I underestimate myself! Really??? I am truly humbled and yes I would love to edit one of your stories. ???????

      1. This is a great surprise .. so when I am ready with it we will. It is going to be a novel on Paranormal behavior of a monk in India. They asked me to convert it to a TV serial. Excites you ?

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