Makaitah Rogue Blog: Facebook Page Unpublished.

You see that photo up there?👆 That rogue looking femme? Yeah that’s me when I am in a foul mood and right now, you don’t want to be my friend. My Facebook page for my blog was unpublished Monday evening shortly after celebrating the 1k likes milestone. ‘One person’ out of thousands took umbrage to my awesomeness. Facebook agreed with them despite my clean record for never being reported and not a single negative comment expressed. There was no opportunity to apologize or seek atonement for my supposed sin. No avenue to plead my case. No trial.
‘This page has been unpublished due to complaints of explicit content’ 
I laughed and laughed and snort bubbled. Explicit content? Right. So they pulled down my page without even aligning this preposterous accusation and a chance of recourse? I am floored.
There was not the slightest bit of sympathy, let alone understanding on the part of Facebook as to what global monopoly on social media means to us Bloggers. Especially during such an important time when I am blogging sequenced posts of a book that I am writing! Instead I am the evil leprechaun that should be tortured, punished, drawn , quartered and led to the guillotine at their disposal. No hope, no mercy and no charity offered by Facebook.
To the person who reported my page (assuming they are a hater. Obviously). Does getting my page unpublished make your life better? If you feel my blog is out of taste, simply unlike the page. I guarantee you that my blog will not improve to your high standards within your life time or mine. If I am not your cup of tea please just move on with your life and continue to drive below the posted limit in the passing lane to keep us safe from ourselves. Stop imposing your personal standards and trying to feed your insecurities with my little victories. Please get a real life. I mean this in the kindest way. I do. Really. I know if I wasn’t winning you wouldn’t care. Going to the lengths of reporting my page stems from fear, jealousy and inferiority. This is the best form of flattery. Thank you.
To conclude my rant. I would like to proffer my own humble opinion. Facebook has started digging their own grave in the cemetery of ‘ Failed Social Media.’ History has proven that Totalitarian censorship is not a viable way to rule, and the epitaph will read: ‘We should have thought it through’  No doubt one of the vigilant horde of faceless ad-minions now and forever on DEF-CON alert for my oh so evil post will read this and take personal offense and my page will be unpublished forever. Boo Hooo, get me a bucket for my crocodile tears. Live and let live.
An appeal has been sent to Facebook as I wait indefinitely hoping they will review my case despite their undemocratic policies. I don’t know but tyranny never flourished. It doesn’t look good in blue and white either. Rant over.

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  1. That’s fucked up. I reported someone for putting vile shit up about my family and they did fuck all.
    I’m sorry they did this but like you I believe that Facebook is dying, the sooner the better in my view.
    Big love to you! ☺

    1. Facebook is going to the dogs at this rate. Their own doing. I am sorry you fell victim of Facebook’s stupidity! Let’s all jus leave facebook and go back to MySpace? Lol jus kidding.
      Big love to you too!

  2. I don’t use that one. Twitter and this blog are it for me. My friend reported some posting about murder and Fakebook did nothing. So I feel safer just staying in my bunker. I come out and check twitter every blue moon or so, still crap? Log off. Sorry your page was targeted. I’d love to see the content… oh, nevermind that came out all wrong. 😉

    1. Lol good for you because facebook is crap. Twitter is great and if i don’t get my page back i am packing my bags and pitch my tent on twitter!

  3. Death to tyranny!!! and by tyranny I mean the blue matrix of the internet. They shut down my page and I never had the heart to do that appeal process logged out and now only log in to comment on birthdays of friends They should have thought it through
    PS hope you get your page back but if it dont; Twitter’s definitely gotta a better reach you are always exactly one tweet away from any contact you need to make (unless of course they are not on twitter)

    1. Tyranny must fall! I guess its buh bye Facebook. They can stay with their BS platform as I lay may head on the bosom of Twitter lol
      I don’t need that stupid page anyway. I am lying, I need it, it was doing great things to my stats. Please Facebook forgive me *sobs* I am pathetic. I will be on my way now.???

  4. so agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so very sad .those assholes!!!!!!!!
    namaste’ 1 u an yes werdpress is much better! .
    Namaste’ 2 U frum da’ Q

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