Fallen: Chapter 9

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 8

The cataclysmic atmosphere was parallel to the predicted allusions of a disastrous outcome. Tashamiswa woke up unaware of the fact that her life was aligned with the collapsing of civilisation. She lay on her mother’s front lawn recollecting the series of events that had resulted in her present status. Then she remembered, with great effort she supported herself on her elbows still too weak to rise on her feet. “Zarah” she moaned. She looked around, Dzidzai was nowhere, is this a dream, a nightmare or had she imagined it all? Pondering on how her daughter had vanished. She finally mustered the energy to rise; to her amazement the street was crowded with neighbours who wore the same expression of lost bamboozlement. Instinctively she ran into her mother’s house calling for her daughter, Zarah was all that mattered, she would comprehend the current situation upon finding her daughter. She frantically searched the house simultaneously screaming for her mother and daughter Zarah.
Tashamiswa found herself back on the front lawn exasperated and almost in tears. She recognised her neighbour who was an old school mate as well. “Hey, what is going on? My mother and daught-‘’ He cut her off mid-sentence, “They are gone, all the children gone” Tashamiswa wanted to shake this man “what do you mean? Gone where” Silence reigned with only a wide-eyed distraught look as a response. She dropped on her knees in devastation with uncontrollable tears streaming down her face.

Rugare knew instantaneously the moment the blood red sun came out that it was the beginning of an end. He never thought this day would come not even in his wildest dreams, to him it was all religious compendium of delusion, never real but a gauge of moral reattribute. They had rushed inside the house, locked all doors and barricaded the windows with cardboards. Rugare looked at his scared little sister, miserably wondering how she was not part of the one hundred and forty four thousand. As far as he was concerned she was one of the purest human beings he had known and how she missed the ascension of grace was beyond him. Maidei sat in bafflement taking solace in the presence of her brother, “mum just left Gare” she told her brother. “I know, she is gone now, to a better place” he said acknowledging his sisters lost look. “I will explain everything but first we have to get hold of dad” Maidei nodded her head and wiped a lone tear, she had never been this scared in her entire life.

Dzidzai had torn across Avondale suburb bare foot down Leopold Takawira road. She rode the wind in a possessed ecstatic manner, looking like a one night standee doing the walk of shame with the heavy makeup and scanty dress. Dzidzai only stopped for a minute to inspect the bleeding callouses on her feet and proceeded with a slow trot with no bearings of where she was headed. Her mind was a mess, unable to decipher the hieroglyphs of what was happening around her, she had lost the last shred of sanity that had survived through the crippling madness.
Rambai could not believe his eyes, it was all too much for him but he thought he saw his wife in red figure hugging dress, he squinted his eyes in focus and behold to him it was indeed Dzidzai wearing her hair down. He could not remember the last time he had seen her without a scarf wrapped around her head. She looked gorgeous and he remembered how he used to call her, his Empress. For a moment for the first time in the midst of the colossal mayhem his heart tightened in the familiar fondness for his wife. The despair on her face slapped him back to reality, he yelled her name but his voice seemed inaudible contrary to the noise of calamity, hooting cars and screams of terror that were thick in the air. He ran to her shouting her name. Dzidzai could not see the bus that was reversing into the pedestrian lane. She had stopped by the Josiah Tongogara and Leopold Takawira intersection looking all shades of bewildered. She side stepped back onto the pavement then she felt her arm being yanked viciously back on to the road, losing her centre of gravity she fell on the tarred road and another heavy body toppled on her. She felt as if her arm had been pulled from its sockets. Without even a chance to perceive the situation a bus whizzed by, just an inch away from her face. That was the last straw, this was an overload to her mental disability and she passed out. Dzidzai could hear the distant voice of Rambai; she tried to hang onto it but sinking in the darkness felt way better.

Rambai lay on top of his wife hyper ventilating his head whirling with what had just occurred. From a distance he had seen a bus reversing down the pedestrian lane at the same time his wife back paddling in to the same lane. He had pulled her just in time before the bus could run over her. Dzidzai had fainted, Rambai knelt down and shook her by the shoulders but she had slipped into unconsciousness. The vibrations from his pocket interrupted him; he fumbled for his phone and answered it. He could hardly hear anything from the other end then he remembered Tashamiswa. He sent her a text message, with everything that had happened his mind had been cluttered without clear thoughts to act upon. There were several unread messages in his phone and all of them from Rugare who was apparently in the country and better yet at home with Maidei. He let out a long sigh of relief, his plan was to get both of his families at one place then recuperate and get a clear understanding of the unfolding events. The only way to get home was to walk and hopefully hitch hike the rest of the way home. He had sent Tashamiswa a message to head to his marital home as soon as possible. His heart sank when Tashamiswa informed him of Zarah’s mystical disappearance and Dzidzai’s attempted kidnapping feat. He felt numb as his entire body stiffened in absolute grief, his sweet sweet Zarah.

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