Fallen: Chapter 8

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 7

The dragon roared in agony as the maggots that infested the wounds on his soul become alive again. The predicament was inevitable but he never imagined that the heavenly order would send his brother Michael to incarcerate him. He could not believe it when he saw Michael descend in his signature comet style. It was a solfege designed for an acrimonious repercussion, which rebounded on to nothing but bitterness. He tasted it now and had expected it for countless millenniums. The ever so familiar embedded authority in humanity over terrestrial beings that had stifled his entire existence into an irrelevant scum despised by the universe. His fall from grace and revenge on humanity had birthed Satan, a parasite that altered human nature from the Garden of Eve to wickedness of Babylon the great and a parallel spiritual world of mental existence. He knew now like he knew then, that he was the son of condemnation even before the genealogy of the messiah and that the path of fate that he had tactlessly chosen had come to a halting end.

Like a stepson he did not belong, even his minions had fled the moment they recognised Michael. The chains of incarcerations glowed as they fell from the waist to the ground. They were made from hot magma and he winced at the thought of being bound by them. He looked into Michael’s eyes pleadingly whispering persuasions in his mind as the last kick of a dying horse. Michael did not waver neither his expression of disdain and ostracism. He heard the whispers the moment he had landed, begging for mercy with promises of a perpendicular world that existed beyond paradise. Michael strode towards him purposefully ignoring his deceitful persuasions at the same time unchaining the chains around his waist. The dragon fell on his back in cowardice and fear, he heard himself pleading, “Michael please you don’t have to do this, please brother.” The last two words almost sounded sincere that Michael’s eyes flickered for a second with what must have been sympathy that reverted back to deep icy pools of prejudice, making it seem like he had imagined it.

Lightning struck the heavens in the middle followed by a deafening thunder that shook the earth to its core with vibrations. The dragon yielded by falling on his knees with his hands held towards Michael as sign of surrender and obedience. He looked up to see heavens hosts watching. It was humiliation personified, heightened by the non-existence of a possible retribution. Michael whipped out the chains in cowboy style and caught the dragon by his feet. The chains became alive and with pythonic girth they snaked themselves around his body, weaving steel from head to toe. “Too tight, too tight! Please!” Lucifer cried in agony as the hot magma chains burnt through his soul. He had never imagined or ever known such excruciating pain in his entire infinite existence. Telepathically with his index finger, Michael motioned the dragon to rise, suspended in the air a few feet from the ground in a Christ like stance of crucifixion (arms spread and feet crossed).

The dragon hung his head wishing for death to take him. The earth started shaking in what felt like a thousand quakes all at once that drowned the screams of Lucifer. A cylindrical hole opened up beneath him, three, and two, one second he dropped into the hole free falling at 200km per second. The force of gravity threatened to suck out everything inside him, making the chains tighter and unbearably painful. Michael watched with satisfaction, raising his arms he allowed himself to slowly ascend and lavish in the resounding applaud from heaven. It was done.
Lucifer fell for what felt like eternity until he mastered how to maintain a string of thoughts as an escape from the anguish of the bottomless pit. He could focus on these thoughts in seconds’ in-between the tormenting pain of free falling and hot magma chains. The first thought that he grasped was his first encounter with Adam, he saw him walking in the Garden of Eden, a being made in the image of God. He went in a frenzy of envy, blinding rage that he tried to gorge his eyeballs and snatch his soul. He tried so many times to extinguish him with the blood arrow of Mordor but all his efforts were futile and nothing could harm this being, he was somewhat invincible. The elements and laws of the earth had been set to protect Adam and the authority that was bestowed upon him had made him superior to him and his cohorts. An apocalyptic constellation was in motion fulfilling a detrimental destiny of a thousand years in the bottomless pit.

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  1. I tell you as I said that day this is inspired the imagery,the flow,the language,the emotions,the reality I could picture the scene truly you are being inspired don’t stop this is going to be a hit!

    1. Thank you sha! Ko my books. Amazon ain’t giving the chronicles of brotherhood for free. Still waiting for that email. Hook up the hard copy ka. BTW my kindle is now fully functional and loaded lol. Seriously hook a sister up!

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