Fallen: Chapter 7

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 6

Tashamiswa swerved and spun the car into the close of her mother’s house. She felt her heart drop into her stomach as she watched a scandalously dressed dreadlocked woman pick her daughter up from the front lawn. “Noooooo leave my daughter you psycho!!” she heard herself scream as the car came to a screeching halt. Zarah with her trusting innocence had let this red-lipped stranger pick her up. Dzidzai could feel her palpitating heart as if it was about to leap out through her mouth. As soon as she picked up Zarah, she was startled by Tashamiswa’s hysterical screams and barrelled into the hedge next to her, dropping Zarah on to the lawn. Tashamiswa ran to her daughter, Just as she was about to pick her up from the lawn, she disappeared. Right in front of her eyes, she literally vanished into thin air; Tashamiswa could not handle all this at once and fainted. Dzidzai stood there unable to move nor dare to breathe. Even in her mental disorientation she was in shock paralysis. Suddenly there was a heavy dark cloud that loomed above making it appear as if was night. Squinting her eyes to focus on the cloud, Dzidzai realised that it was not a cloud, but myriads of human beings that were floating in the sky in ascension into the stratosphere.

Rambai had stopped the car at Leopold Takawira and Josiah Tongogara intersection; other motorists had haphazardly parked in a congested manner walking down the road with aghast expressions as they looked up the sky. An elderly woman stood right at the centre of the intersection screaming, “The rapture is here! Take me Lord! Take me!” she knelt down and began to chant in what seemed to be an erroneous panicked prayer. Rambai froze in a mannequin like manner, he could not move and when he tried to talk words could not come out. His throat felt like it was closed, before he realised it he was gasping for air as his body began to slowly shut down in panic attack. He pressed his hands on his knees in a futile attempt to regain composure. He fumbled for his inhaler and sucked in as much medication as he could in one draw. Mayhem ensued shortly with screams of terror. The cloud of humanity disappeared, revealing a bloody red sun. There was pandemonium as people ran in different directions in utter commotion and confounding chaos.

Maidei had an unsettling feeling about her mother’s whereabouts. She sat in the living room ignoring the fashion runway challenge showing on telly, pondering on possible explanations. Without warning it suddenly fell dark and she froze for a minute thinking that maybe her watch was broken. She checked the time to see if the time on her wristwatch was in sync with the time on her phone, laptop and wall clock. To her perturbation it was five minutes after midday and out of instinct but mostly fear she ran from the living room and locked herself in her bedroom. She sat on her bed in the darkness and did not dare to switch on the light. Maidei peeked out of the window and a cab pulled by the side of the house. To her relief Rugare jumped out of the cab, she ran outside almost in tears and dived on him “I am so glad to see you Gare” she said. Her older brother had an intense expression of consternation that seemed to be permanent. Rugare was about to say something when he caught sight of the sky, Maidei followed his gaze and her mouth gaped in flabbergasted astonishment. Together they stood dumbfounded staring at the sky that was clouded by floating human beings. It was a magnanimous but eerie sight. The omnipotent atmosphere hindering humanity into little specks and fragments of illusion.

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