Guest Bloggers Wanted

Well hello there. What? So y’all expecting my usual bomb intros rich with literature? Can a woman just write without feeling pressured to blow your minds? I am here enjoying a cup of coffee. Okay, i hate coffee, I seriously don’t get the hype. I am trying to get my day going with my Hubby’s left over coffee. You guessed it. My day already sucks
Moving on, today’s agenda is not the intricate plot of FALLEN. If you haven’t been following my blog, its a sequence of interlinked blogs telling a story. I need some awesome bloggers to guest blog on here. I really need you. In between the FALLEN blog posts I would really use some tension relievers. You know, a break, a breather and what is better than  guest blogs from some cool bloggers? You see, I am a mother, a wife, a career driven woman and I can’t do all this alone. I need some guest bloggers. 
I will be honoured to have the diversity of different bloggers on my blog. This is beginning to sound like a miss world speech. Hey, you don’t have to be a blogger. It can be anyone with something to share. These doors are wide open, send an email of your content, selfie,your blog link to:
I would love to guest blog for any of you sometime. No? Really? No? Okay, i will show myself out. You are such a bunch of meanies but I love you all the same. This unhealthy relationship of ours gets me going. I can’t wait to hear from you, all the guest bloggers will be part of my squad. Okay forget that. I am feeling like I am being a guest blogger repellent. Maybe I should stop typing. Am I just rambling? I will be on my way now.
Another thing before I exit. I heard that Justin Beiber is planning for a trip to space? I hope he takes One Direction with him and just keep going and going to the sun. 😩😩😩 Okay Bye!

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      1. Don’t hold back eh? What do you want me to guest post on? Give me some clues or ideas… What do you envisage… Don’t hold back lol

          1. Ok, I’ll write something and email it to you, I’ll have a look at your blog to see what might be your thing more? Hows that?

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