Fallen: Chapter 6

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 5

Dzidzai had literally waited years for this day, it was no longer a dress up game, her predatory mind had taken over and a core aggressive narcissism had consumed her entire being. She remained calm in all her deviations free falling into utter psychotic rampage. It was easy to watch Zarah from the curve of the street from where she stayed with her grandmother. She had spent a considerable amount of time parked and well hidden from suspicious eyes. She could not help noticing the similarities and striking features on her little face, the nose and the side smile. Rambai trade mark. Today she was not going to just watch her, today she was going home with her. She jumped out of the car and with full intention she walked briskly towards Zarah, who was playing with some other kids in the street. Luring her was going to be easy. She knew exactly what to say to her, she had known her for a year by mere observation and her deranged stalking. Dzidzai was about to explode with ecstasy and pure exhilaration.

It began to dawn on Tashamiswa, everything began to fall into place like puzzle pieces. The previous weekend, Zarah had said something baffling. Before she left the car when she was dropping her off at her grandmothers, she had looked in her mother’s eyes with deep concern. She had muttered the weirdest thing ever, “mama he is coming now please be good so we can go together” she had said. Tashamiswa was in hurry she responded hurriedly as she was running late for work “ok. My love I will be good” she had responded. Tashamiswa had pondered on what her daughter had said, she sub consciously pushed it at the back of her mind, meaning to retrieve it back on a less cluttered hour. She had also received several phone calls from a hidden number, a silent caller who breathed heavily for a few seconds before hanging up. She had changed her number after that, then the little things at home like the bookshelf which seemed to have been neatly packed, she would have sworn that her flowers were being watered on a daily and she had also noticed that her Cds that were scattered all over had been packed neatly in alphabetical order. The thought of Rambai’s wife in her apartment made her shudder, she felt vulnerable, angry and scared at the same time. Her privacy and life had been invaded in the most vulgar manner. She meandered through the Samora Machel traffic heading to her mother’s place for Zarah. She had called her several times to let her know that she was coming but the phone just kept ringing without an answer. Tashamiswa was in full panic mode, fighting back tears she kept her thumb on redial hoping for her mother to pick up the phone.

Rambai arrived home, he did not know what to say to Dzidzai and he was fighting the urge not to outburst on her with a full frontal confrontation. He did not want her to recoil further in her cocoon. He knocked her door nervously and not expecting a response but knocking anyway. He gently nudged the door and to his surprise it slowly swung on its hinges with a low creak. Rambai had never been in this room for five years! He wasn’t surprised at what he saw, it was neat and tastefully decorated in the 70s retro style. Overly textured, madly accessorized with colour blinding décor style. He lingered in the room looking around hoping to find some sort of clue. “If you are looking for mama, she left 30mins ago” Maidei startled his father. Rambai almost jumped out of his skin. “My gosh Maidei you scared the hell out of me, do you know where she might have gone?” he asked. “Nope” Maidei said shaking her head. “Ok whatever happens stay here, I will be back soon” Rambai told his daughter as he dashed out of the house in search of his mentally incapacitated wife.

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