FALLEN: Chapter 5

A Continuation from Fallen: Chapter 4

Rambai threw himself on his office couch and rubbed his temple with intense vigor. He felt like the walls were crushing inside, how in the world did Dzidzai know about his extracurricular family? He was baffled beyond measure and had underestimated his schizophrenic wife. She had also reached out to Maidei; one word had turned his entire morning upside down. He had known that this day would come but he had planned it in such a way that he would be the one who was going to break it down to his children. He had written his wife off with her mental struggles to be incapable of even consuming this, let alone comprehend. His second family meant a lot to him, this was his escape from the reality of his fragmented family. He had lost his wife Dzidzai fifteen years ago and they had been a trying fifteen years. Most of their money had gone towards the payments to a mental facility in South Africa. It was a high-end institution with world-class psychiatrical experts, she had lived behind the confinement of these walls for six years until they could not afford for a continued stay. Dzidzai’s mental shut down had drained him emotionally, spiritually and financially. Different pastors had come to pray for his wife, as her condition according to Christian ethics was actually demon possession. All efforts to resuscitate his wife’s mental capabilities dwindled into nothing but frustration. It was worse than death because every single day he had face the living corpse of his wife. The pain glaring at him like a wound that is trying to heal but the scab keeps being peeled off.

Tashamiswa his personal assistant had been his bosom of comfort. She stood as the pillar in the midst of the chaos that had consumed his life. He shared his predicament with her more than he did with his psychiatrist. She understood him better and caressed his ears with consoling words that painted a smoke screen of hope for a better future. He did not realize how much he had fallen in love with her until one day he had pulled her in for a hug after he poured out all his problems on her. They clung on o each other in a rather long embrace. That is when he knew, as he drove back home, he said to himself, “Oh my god I am in love with Tasha.” He knew then that his days of bleakness were over, Tashamiswa was the light at the end of the tunnel, his hope for some sort of normality in all this mess.

Tashamiswa began to notice amiss things in her house. It was a small one bedroomed apartment right in the city of Harare. At first she thought she was imagining it all, she came home and found the throw pillows on her couch rearranged. Strangely enough there was no sign of a break in. She had asked Rambai if he had anything to do with it. Rambai had said he had no idea and had never used the keys to her apartment. She had pushed it at the back of her head as paranoia. Zarah her daughter lived with her mother and only took her in during weekends. One late evening she found a neatly written note on the kitchen counter written, ‘I love Zarah too’ Tashamiswa smiled and let the warmth from inside linger in the fondness and love for Rambai. This is one of the reason why she fell in love with him, he was genuine and a hopeless romantic. In the morning as Rambai passed by her desk, she said to him, “I saw the note, too sweet,” Rambai’s blank stare was confusing. “Note? What note?” he responded. She looked at him nervously as he motioned her to follow him in his office. He closed the door as soon as she entered and whispered; “Dzidzai knows about us, about Zarah, God knows how she knows! Go and fetch Zarah we have to make sure she is safe I am not going to risk and underestimate Dzidzai’s mental instability. She might be dangerous” Tashamiswa stood there, weak her mind rushing trying to figure out how Dzidzai would have entered her apartment with no sign of a break in? “Tasha, go now!” Rambai said urgently with a loud whisper. Tashamiswa had never seen him this shaken before, she just nodded her head and silently left rushing to her dear Zarah.

Rugare excelled in his academics, he was always top of the class and that’s how he had managed to attain a presidential scholarship at the South African university of Rhodes. He even passed Economics 201, which was one of the most failed subjects at Rhodes University. The guy who taught this subject would usually set the same paper every year but still people would fail. He was one of the few Bcom Economics students who were going to graduate without corresponding. He spent most of the times with his pal Nthandazo, hanging out and mostly spent their weekends under the covers rogering each other. Rugare had kept the secret of his homosexuality for all of his life. He knew that his typical African parents would not hear of it but at this point, the most important thing was to catch the first flight home to his mother.

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  1. How did a near imbecile Dzidzai come to know all about Zarah? Did Rug keep his secret for ever? Was Dzidzo a mental case or was fooling her husband? Who is the protagonist in this intricate plot?

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