Fallen: Chapter 1

It was one of the most honourable order of heaven in angelic existence. Retrospect to the great visitation of Mother Mary; Joseph the carpenter; Zacharias the priest; the angel that stirred the waters of the pool of Bethsaida; the glorious announcement of Jesus’ resurrection by the two angels at the tomb; the angel that freed the apostles from prison. He stood there by the golden pool of valour and took in its heavenly essence with great relish.
Angel Gabriel burrowed through the gold magnum causing gentle ripples that startled the other angel. Gabriel broke into a small smile, your time has come brother, it is our livelihood to fulfil scriptures, and it is your moment now. He glowed in the ambiance of his inner light. Michael was silent for a while before he spoke. I am humbled and greatly convicted for the sake of our fallen. We used to take walks in the meadows of pearls and valleys of laughter, we would compose praises that would shake the throne and now here we are, treading in the valley of gnashing of teeth. He knelt down and patted an over-affectionate lion that lay wrapped around his feet. He is now the Prince of Persia, he wears arrogance and stubbornness as his royal cape. A spirit beyond redemption. A fallen angel.
Gabriel looked deep in the pits of his fellow angel, and like a trumpet his voice in a disharmonious sound, signalled the motion of predicted events to sync with time. Michael spread and projected his wings in an upward stance that indicated a take-off. Before the ages of dawn, it was written. The angel swelled with purpose and benevolence, clutched in his right hand was the key of imprisonment and like an eagle, he plunged from heaven towards earth. It was a sight, like a comet falling from the sky, a blazing star beyond astrological comprehension. The chains in his other hand rattled as he majestically landed on the soil. Intent and deliberate strides towards the dragon, with fire in his eyes bestowed with greatest honour, imminent victory, truth and glory.
Play the harp in the fourth hallelujah, let the echoes flow after each other. Lucifer floated lightly from the ground and began to sing. He worshipped the Lord in a song that bore through the heart with purity and magnificent splendour. The Lord was proud, the hosts celebrated and love was abound.
Lucifer lets go to the raspberry garden and compose more praises. A praise for who? A praise for the Lord His Almighty? An image of mortal man Adam fickle? A derided cackle escaped from his throat; a desecration of heaven. He looked at the angel and with strange rasp like voice, he sang a note ‘’ I would rather be God than to contentiously be put beneath humanity, we are angels brother we should be more superior’’ An ovation echoed from the capricious hosts who had fallen for his whims, equally too pzroud to have a species above them created in the image of God.
And now he stood towering over him, gusts of wind buffeting his feathers. The dragon cowered in terror, he recognised the angel immediately. Their eyes locked for a moment, but not in the fondness of their déjà vu. Today he was an angel of repercussion, his eyes lost the flickers of brotherhood, almost repugnance and approbation. The millennium is here.

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  1. I read through this with calm this time. Great imagery and vivid picture. I hope you make this a novel. It will definitely be something to read. Sounds like Frank perreti ‘s piercing through the darkness. We need this vivid images of glory.

    1. Wow! Thank you so much, you have no idea what this means to me?????you have no idea. I have read Frank Perreti’s work, I am so humbled, I will remember you when I finish writing this. Thank you!

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