Malik Chashe Murders the Crawling Milestone!

My little munchkin crawled on all fours for the first time just before he turned 7 months last Wednesday. I had placed him on his crawl mat with a couple of toys and left the room to fetch my phone. To my astonishment when I returned back to the living room he was no longer on the mat but steady on his fours slowly making his way to the door! I had to contain my excitement because I didn’t want to startle him and spoil his crawl game. My champ is growing and I am one hell of a proud mummy. On to the next stage were he can balance himself on his own two feet! His dad cant get enough believe me he is more excited than I am.
We love you Lik Lik!

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  1. Wow! He is so cute when he try to crawl 🙂 Otherwise, Malik is a handsome guy. He will break many hearts <3 I wish him to be healthy, smart and lucky!

  2. OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH your baby is sooo goregous!!!! It’s official, I have finally found bae. Yes Maka you have no choice, I have claimed him as my own. Hello amwene <3

    1. Hahahahahahah! Damn I have a looooong list of self proclaimed varoora! Of course, be my guest and join the band wagon….thank you?

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