If I was a boy

Looking out the window as I drive, I spot a few yummy guys that I wouldn’t mind banging. The glimmer of my wedding ring catches my eye. Sigh.
Its another day, I just remembered I forgot to flush some nasty things in the toilet bowl. Hubby will take care of it, he will also wash my panties, oops and bit of skird marks. First thing as I get into my office is the hot Skype sex with Joe. Yes Joe the sexy hunk from Pretoria. I met him on one of my business trips the previous year. He was a one stand that blossomed to some naughty Skype sessions. My assistant Derrick, comes in with my schedule and my coffee. As he leaves the room, I stare at his small tight butt. Mmmm the flash back of me sprawled on my desk hits me. Derrick was an enthusiastic lover. I make mental note of making him my Friday bang.
I have a meeting with a potential client, I am running late but let me send Reuben a good morning text. I am planning on get on with him some time this week. A meeting with the CEO of a well established communications company requires a little prep. So I go over my presentation once again and quickly remove my wedding ring before I enter his office. Fanuel seems to be easy going and intently listens to me as I speak. I can sense some chemistry that is how i know this deal is sealed. He walks me out to my car and I sway my hips just to encourage him to make a move. He doesn’t say anything. I take initiative and ask him if we could drinks later after work. Fanuel agrees, i give him one heck of a goading smile before I drive off.
Back at the officeย  things are slow. I am extremely bored. I log on to my Facebook, OK scrolling down just to find someone to flirt with. Mike my old school boy is on line. ” hey handsome” my opening line always wins. Mike doesn’t respond. Blimey. Moving on, agh yeah Adrian, an ex of mine, I can’t help that inward smile and thinking how he was such a good lay. ” I miss you Dre” Adrian is typing. I am feeling excited already as I wait for him to respond. ” I miss you too, I really do” We reminiscent about the good times we shared. Sweet sweet Adrian, if only I could tell you about our daughter but that’s a secret I will die with.
Half past four its time to freshen up for those drinks with Fanuel. Let me text hubby to tell him that I am “working late” For the first time today he crossed my mind. These days we don’t talk that much and our bed has been cold for months. He is hurting, I can see it in his eyes *lower lip shrug* Mental note:ย  stop by the pharmacy and get condoms.

What if I?…
Had a thing on the side?
Made ya cry?
Would the rules change up?…
Or would they still apply?…
If I played you like a toy?…
Sometimes I wish I could act like a boy

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  1. Nice use of these lyrics to support the story. This is a nightmare situation for me…I don’t think I would ever do this…I can’t flirt online to save my life! ๐Ÿ™‚ but also can’t imagine surviving my man having an affair. Guess that’s why I’m single. ๐Ÿ™‚ Great piece.

  2. “Looking out the window as I drive, I spot a few yummy guys that I wouldnโ€™t mind banging. The glimmer of my wedding ring catches my eye. Sigh.”
    Hahaha you scored a first. Quite a first from a lady’s perspective
    May i please reblog this

  3. This post is showing guys as pieces of shit. It seems we’re just stupid flesh and bone’s bags leaded by a little appendix full of blood half the time. Reading this post, I feel like all XY chromosome’s wearers, like me, are only “dickminded” *excuse the term*, are just like beasts purchasing dates, phone numbers, and also… How to say it gently… hum… I can’t.
    In brief, in this post, we look like monsters. And the worst it’s that, even if it isn’t true for all of us, you’re right.

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