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I stated in my 2016 blogging goals that I am going to try my hardest to avoid ranting. Constant ranting is not sexy, its annoying and unattractive! I am going to let you in, on my biggest pet peeve in the most descent manner possible.
The most fickle of human beings are those who are not consistent with their claims. People who love to talk but never follow through. These people are deceitful, procrastinators,under achievers, lazy and noise makers. You must be wondering where this is all coming from. Last year I sat down with a friend and we decided to start a female based digital magazine. We discussed everything, the layout, theme name, logo and set deadlines. (Diddy if you are reading this you must be laughing your lungs out) This said magazine first publication was supposed to land March 2015. It didn’t happen. We pushed to June. Did not happen. We pushed to November did not happen. Then we pushed to January 2016, and here we are. Nothing its just potential energy and what we need are the kinesics.
We have this wonderful project in the pipe line. For how long are we going to be constipated? We need to shit this thing out and flourish. So today I am writing this as an epiphany that from now on imma be about that talk. I am tired of the stagnancy because I can feel it that I am on the brink of greatness. Its time to get off our asses and put theory into practice.
Same goes to all the people on this planet. Are you a noise maker or a doer? When you tell someone that you love them do you show it, or its all talk and no action? Your words need physical demonstration. Its either the latter or just shut up please. You are depriving yourself the integrity that builds trusting relationships and that is if you are not wasting someone’s time. You once mentioned that you wanted to go for a Masters Degree, don’t just sit there, start making applications already. Even God said faith without works is dead. Do what you talk about doing and act proficiently in an expert manner.image
Even my husband knows that when he messes up ” I am sorry” doesn’t cut it. He is going to come home with flowers, diamonds and a wet mouth for the cooter.

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  1. That’s one thing I have chosen to do this year. Letting my work, projects, achievements do the talking.
    There are times when I am tempted to tell someone but I remember…. “There’s no point saying the plans and rehashing em over and over”.
    Great piece.

  2. Right gal…to hell with constant yapping and instead put our hands on it. Actions speak louder…
    “For how long are going to stay constipate” hahahahah i like that..visual example.

  3. Totally loved this! Just yesterday I was thinking about this being all talk and no action. Funny thing is a lot of people who are talkers and not doers always somehow look down on those doing something. Great post ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. True that’s, the couch quarterbacks are solo good at looking down upon those who are making an effort! Let’s be about that talk! Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great success on your magazine, i won’t lie knowing people are working on their dreams excites the hell out of me. All the best <3
    I loved that you said you can feel greatness is upon you, you just need to be actively seeking it too.

  5. Time to get rid of this constipation mami, Lets shit it all out.
    In other news, I did laugh my lungs out..kikiki. And I need to get blogging…
    Needed this hun

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