The Gogo Next-Door

I am totally creeped out! Let me explain from the beginning. We had an electrical fault at home, so ZESA cut us off to fix the problem for an entire week. That meant no electricity and since we have an electric borehole, no water as well. I had no choice but to ask my neighbors for water and to charge our gadgets.
Bear in mind for the two years that I have been staying in this neighborhood, I have never spoken to any of my neighbors. Not that I have been aloof or standoffish, we have never bumped into each other and I pretty much keep to myself. So I am knocking the gate next door, in my mind I am like damn you ZESA you have reduced me to this! An elderly lady opened the gate, probably in her late 50s, I introduced myself and explained my situation. Oh wasn’t she just pleasant. She invited me in for some refreshments, and gave us leeway to fetch as much water as we wanted and to charge our gadgets. I was a little embarrassed though, I mean two years confined in our walls without bothering to know our neighbours only to find out we have amazing neighbours.
So we kicked it off with Gogo ( her acquainted name)ย  even asked to for some flowers from our botanical home to plant at her place. I introduced her to my husband and she fell inlove with my son. I am thinking, hey this is not so bad, we have plenty of water, laptops iPads and phones charged. Awesome. Last Tuesday as I left for work I almost got a heart attack when I noticed someone peeping over the durawall. To my amazement it was Gogo, I waved and walked way. OK that was weird. I came from work and my housekeeper tells me Gogo came over and spent the day asking all kinds of questions about me and my family. Asking questions about my work, my husband, last name, my parents and I am like nosy neighbour? Oh hell no.
I went to fetch my lap top from Gogo and I noticed a little step ladder strategically positioned on the wall for that perfect view to next door (us). I mentally pushed this aside. She walked me to my gate, so I thought, until she followed me back into my house. Okay so I went to my bedroom to slip into something comfortable. Doesn’t she just follow me to into my bedroom. I am like eeer Gogo can you excuse me I need to change and she is like don’t worry I don’t mind. What? This is my private space , nobody is allowed except my husband and even the housekeeper has never set foot in here I mind! So she storms out in an offended manner leaving me puzzled and mostly annoyed.
This was the beginning of some strange almost psychotic occurrences. She would appear in our house, you would find her in the kitchen, livingroom, just standing. So I told my housekeeper to keep the gate and doors locked because this was seriously getting out of hand! The Lord Jesus said love your neighbor, I am sorry, I was going to love this one from a distance.
Next day I went to her place to fetch my phone, I observed a couple of familiar stuffed toys in her livingroom. Omg Malik’s stuffed toys! I went back home and asked the housekeeper and she had no knowledge of this. I threw myself on the couch in exasperation only to find Gogo standing by the bookshelf. Startled me almost died. She just appeared from the blues, what kind of stealth mode is this because our front door creaks loudly. So I asked her if everything was okay. Apparently she wanted to take Malik home and play with him. This was the last straw. I firmly told her no and politely asked her to leave.
My land lord came in yesterday to fix the ceiling. So I asked him about Gogo Rita from next door. He looked perturbed for a minute, why would you ask about her she passed away about six years ago and nobody has occupied that house ever since, it has been empty. What the fuck?!! No you must be mistaken because…. And I trailed off lost in thoughts. So I ran to the durawall, balancing on I log I peeped over at Gogo’s and to my astonishment the house was empty and deserted! What happened to the well manicured lawn?! There was grass and weeds over 12inches tall! I felt weak, I wanted to faint, omg, omg, omg!
We are almost done packing. We are getting the hell out of here. This American horror story shit can stay, this is not even funny. Buy bye!

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  1. hahahahaha then l jus remembered the storyteller Maka at school lol…but u gud at this…..l actuli enjoyed

    1. Initially I wanted to write about my nosy gosippy neighbor, like half of the story is true…then I was like hey! A lil twist would be fun. And here we are ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. hahahhaha! this was creepy and hilarious! great story. At the ending I was like not today satan! I was about to come help you pack up your stuff and leave lol.

  3. Ha ha … this was hilarious. And I thought she was real. I hope she never bothered you again. If a ghost gets attracted to you, he/she never lets you go. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I really enjoyed this piece.

    1. Thanks for stalking this crazy blog, interaction gives me life! You are loved and appreciated.
      I almost believed it myself. OK, I will see myself out?

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