To err is human

I have never believed in winning the lotto, hitting a jackpot on the slot machines or walking away with a lump some of cash from a gambling table. I believe in working hard for my money and if its miracle money it can only be by promotion or loan approval. So you must be wondering where I am heading with this.
Yesterday I was highly convicted by rigorous proof against my axiom. Here I am by Nandos Samora minding my business. I spotted a wallet by the road side a few meters away from me. I ignored the wallet and carried on with my business. By ” carrying on with my business” I mean tapping my fingers on my handbag, giving the wallet the side eye and hearing distant small voices crying out to me “pick me up!” I already hate this wallet, why is it talking to me, I don’t want anything to do with this thing. Its preying on my mind, so I stood there like Frodo resisting the allures of the ring and brooding on a resolution.
Even Frodo eventually gave in to the temptations of the ring. I took a scope of the land, picked the damn wallet and took refuge in Nandos restrooms. Why was I acting dubious? Someone obviously lost their wallet and if I picked it, it was imperative to entrust it with a law officer and go about my day! Simple as that. But oh no my broke ass succumbed into a conflict of good and evil and just like the ring the wallet personified bad me and poured all the ingredients of Evil. I opened it, found identification documents and $3400 three thousand four hundred dollars. Oh boy the limit of my philanthropy was exceeded. I did a little dance of joy. OK so why was I happy? This was not my money!
I should have walked away instead I picked this thing up exposing my self to a path fraught with temptations, dishonesty and theft. I imagined the damage I could do with this money. I mean this money could solve all my problems. I began to justify myself with idioms like ‘ The Lord works in mysterious ways’ and hey Robin Hood stole from the rich to give the poor, right? Case scenario.
I had made up my mind to take the money. Don’t judge me please. So I am walking out of Nandos and I bump into this middle aged man. Gosh he is in a panic state with a tad of disarrangement, he looked at me pleadingly and asked me if by any a chance I had seen a charcoal grey wallet by the sidewalk. I looked him in the eye and told him I was on my way to the police station to hand it over. My heart sank, I could feel it sink in my stomach acids. This man was near to tears, I asked him to state the items in the wallet for verification and yes he recited his I.D number correctly. He was besides himself with relief. He offered me $200 as a reward for my feigned honesty. I declined his offer even when he insisted I gave him a firm ” no thank you” I didn’t deserve the reward, I was about to flee with that money, I wasn’t worth it.
My redemption is through the acknowledgement of my wrong doing. And by making this confession I can wipe the slate clean and I can confidently say I have paid for my sin.

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  1. Really admire you admitting this. You could have easily spun it in a different way to flatter you. Thanks for sharing. It’s a timely reminder that we constantly have to battle to be good. Also, on the positive side, if someone else with absolutely no scruples had taken it, there man wouldn’t have been able to find his wallet.

  2. The temptation is always big. You did nothing wrong even if you thought to run with the money. Finally you gave them to the owner. So… What is wrong? We are only humans and sometimes we can do mistakes. You’re a good person ๐Ÿ™‚

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