The Fantastic 3

Tiny fingers touch my face, fingertips reading my face like braille and I am flaked out all the while feeling these sensations in a dream. Hot wet mouth slobbers my face aaaaand I am awake! I slightly lift my head up balancing myself on my elbows and he beams at me doing all kinds of weird karate chops. Yup Malik is up so should everyone else. Flinging my eyes on the wall clock its 04:05. Schmuck my day begins.
I don’t need an alarm clock anymore,  who needs one when u have Malik to wake you up at 4 in the morning everyday! Sluggish me drags self to the bathroom and splashes  cold water on my face to give me that jump start. I walk back to the bedroom and he is on to his dad, trying to yank off his nose, his dad is crying laughing and I just stand by the doorway smiling. These are the little moments smashed up together that make my life so beautiful.
Ever woke up with a slight delirium like for five seconds? Everything then dawns on you and you lay wide awake with that stupid  grin because you remembered how wonderful your life is. Me every damn day. The birth of Malik is thee best thing that has ever happened to me, he has taught me a new kind of love that I have never known. Its pure, untainted, unconditional and eternal. He has brought us closer with my husband. The moment he squirmed his way through the birth canal, my husband was the first person to hold him, the awe on his face was priceless. He looked at me and whispered “thank you” that moment was love reinforced. We had brought a little piece of us that solely depended on us, that fragility and innocence was beyond overwhelming. It got my chest tight in a thousand unexplainable ways.
Everyday is a new day with my bum chum. He already has his favourite toys, ranking on number one is stuffed sponge Bob square pants, my phone (not cool at all, seriously not cool) and hammer rattle ( he is so obsessed with it that I have nick named him Thor) Its awesome watching this little person grow and develop a personality. His favourite movie the Bugs Bunny: Rabbits Run. He hates potatoes and looooves his banana yoghurt! 2012 version of me would have never thought I could be this person. I didn’t have a single maternal bone in me neither was I relatively close to being family oriented.
Malik came and overhauled our lives. The little terrorist refused to sleep in his cot bed. He won’t have it. He has claimed his place between mummy and daddy on their bed. We bought him a baby walker for Christmas. The little man is all over the place making a mess out of everything. This new found independence is so exciting to him that its world war 3 to get him off that thing after the required 30 minutes are over. The hardest part is going to work and leaving him in the hands of his nanny. I call home every hour asking myriads of questions. Did he finish his porridge? Has he bathed? I can hear him crying, why is he crying? Why is he crying?!!! WHY IS HE CRYING?!!! Excuse my paranoia and poor nanny who has to put up with me.
After a long tiresome day its the three of us, Malik fast asleep between us, from across the bed hubby mouths ‘ I love you’ and I blow him a kiss. Sinking into a deep slumber hoping that for once abeg this little fellow wakes at 6 am. 4 in the morning is an ungodly hour. A smile plastered on my face, tommorow is another kick ass day and I have no one to thank but God who has blessed me with this wonderful family.

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