4 Blogging Lessons that Motherhood Taught Me

On the 5th0f July 2015 I gave birth to a wonderful baby boy Malik Chashe Mangwende. So far it has been fun and exhausting experience. I have been a first time mum for six months and it has given me a new fantastic point of view, insight and pseudo hints parabolic to my blogging experience.
1.       Patience
The first lesson that my son taught me was patience. I waited for 40 weeks to finally hold him in my arms. These were the longest 9 months of my life, they crawled at snail pace leaving me in a tight knot of anxiety. In my third trimester I had mastered the ability to suppress my restlessness and calmly wait for his arrival. I took it one day at a time knowing that in good time my precious baby will come.
As blogger success does not happen overnight you have to be patient, taking it one blog at time. Frustration yields more frustration instead focus on creating mind blowing content, proving your value and your worth overtime also gaining the trust of your audience. It might seem like you will never arrive but believe this, the fruits of your patience will be the birth of a successful blog. Set up your goals and stick to them. Focus on the greater picture even if your belly is not showing yet!
2.       Commitment
Commitment is the greatest maternal virtue and as a mother you instinctively know that you are fully responsible for your baby. The endless hours playing with Malik, bathing, nursing him and generally looking after him requires dedication. I am talking about maximum attention, no multi-tasking or checking my phone. He has really helped me to see the importance of paying attention and taught me ways to improve. That doesn’t mean it is easy. Far from it, especially the moments and days you just want to take a break and have some alone time.
Blogging is a big time commitment. Dedication on building a successful blog, willing to forget about watching films on Netflix, leaving that nonproductive WhatsApp group and focus on writing content that will make your blog stand out! With commitment you deliver meaningful, consistent and well thought blogs.
3.       Challenging
Bringing a new born in this world is a blessing but it can also be challenging. Being a mother must be the toughest job ever. There are times when Malik would not stop crying and I would feel so helpless and cry too! The first month I was disoriented, sleep deprived, sore and in all this I had to nurse a baby. The hardest times were his vaccines which resulted in long nights of incessant crying, high body temperature and fussiness. I faced all these challenges and braved them out. Today I can safely say that the storm has subsided. A little.
A lot of times blogging is challenging. There can be days when you don’t feel inspired to blog and that is okay. Take some time out, go out and find new inspiration. Sometimes blogging about something we don’t often think about tends to get the ideas flowing. It can be a struggle to blog on a regular because life gets in the way but if you are really into blogging sooner or later you will make time for it.
4.       Time Management
Time management was my biggest concern in the early days as mother, between Malik, work and household responsibilities I was always an overwhelmed mess and falling behind with a lot of things. I was always late at work, sometimes missed feeding times and in the end I would be fatigued, lethargic and stressed. A stressed mum means a not so happy baby so I had to find a way to balance everything. I created a routine and made a schedule for Malik’s meals and feeding times. My mind was free to focus on the rest of the day and this saved me a lot of mental energy. I made my schedule flexible in case of unexpected incidents.
As bloggers sometimes we fall behind because of poor time management and this is the distinct reason for the poor performance of my blog in 2015. With blogging our to do lists are ever growing and never ending. From content creation to website maintenance, there is something always vying for our time and attention. A lasting solution to manage time is creating a schedule for running a blog and prioritize tasks and complete them. Once you find your rhythm you will enjoy blogging!

Above all else, motherhood is so much fun! Time flies when you are having fun, I am actually surprised at how much Malik has grown! Its hard work, fun but hard and I wouldn’t trade this for anything in the world.

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