Dear Penny Sparrow


I admire your audacity. I really must commend on your arrogant disregard for personal safety. The shameless boldness to coin the term “monkey” in reference to black persons in an African nation. A country that has a long history of oppression, degradation and dismissal of black people to exists as adequate human beings. *slow claps* I am in awe of your experating obtuness and lack of comprehension of posting such racial abuse. I was about to spontaneously combust in fury after reading your post but I was caught off guard by a deep sense of sympathy for your apparent dysfunctional cerebrum.

I see right through you Penny, the blue print of your logic an architectural design of white supremacy. People like you rob the biggest asset of South Africa, her rich intercultural viscosity that makes her stand out in this continent. Your halfhearted apology was even worse than your doltish racist post. ‘Don’t take it personal’ you said *clutches chest* a critical analyst like myself got the message loud and clear. That was not an apology that was a big fuck you to all of us. Don’t get touched because it was not directed to you (don’t take it personal). The moment you called out ‘black skin’ you caught the attention of every black person on this planet. You were not racist to the black people on the beach but to every damn black person in the world including myself.

You are still a racist and you will always be one. The failure to mask your revolting mindset when the aftermath of apartheid reeks in the atmosphere is terrifying. You are a disease and I pray you haven’t passed this venom to your children. Nelson Mandela is making somersaults in his grave. You are not a heroine but I am confident to assume that you are on heroin. Maybe you belong in the sea out there with your great uncle Jack Sparrow, far away in the ocean with your disparaging color quo. The internet birthed a global village creating a revolutionary force against scathing people like you. Racism will fall together with his cousin neo colonialism. And if black people are monkeys then Satan is white.
Still in awe.

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